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Discover the history and diversity of Cambridge with Oxford Summer Courses. Apply now for our 2023 and 2024 Cambridge Summer Schools and get an authentic experience of studying in one of the world's most prestigious academic cities. Learn from expert tutors and become part of a lively academic community. With an extensive range of Cambridge Summer Courses designed for learners aged 13-24, you can easily find a summer course that suits your academic interests and goals. Explore new subjects, improve your skills, and have an unforgettable summer experience in the stunning surroundings of one of the most historic cities in the UK.

Apply now for our 2023 Cambridge Summer School, with limited availability, or secure your place for 2024 courses. Explore new subjects, improve your skills, and have an unforgettable summer experience in the historic surroundings of one of the proudest cities in the world. Immerse yourself in a new academic community, stand out to potential employers and higher education providers, and take a step towards a bright future.

Cambridge subjects

Arts and Humanities

Typical outings

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Westminster, London

Visiting Westminster in London is a must-see for anyone interested in the city's rich history and iconic landmarks. This historic district is located in the heart of London and boasts several of the city's most famous attractions, including the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, and Buckingham Palace.

British Museum

The British Museum, located in the heart of London, is one of the world's most renowned museums, housing a vast and diverse collection of over 8 million historical artefacts from all corners of the globe. Founded in 1753, the museum covers over 2 million years of human history, from ancient civilisations to modern times.


Visiting Canterbury is a journey back in time to the heart of medieval England. The charming city boasts a rich history and stunning architecture, including the iconic Canterbury Cathedral, which has been a place of worship for over 1,400 years. Visitors can also immerse themselves in the world of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, and even try on clothing from the era for a truly authentic experience.


Greenwich is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in history, science, or exploration. The Royal Observatory offers a fascinating glimpse into the history of space, time, and navigation, while the Cutty Sark provides a unique opportunity to step aboard a historic tea clipper from the 19th century. At the National Maritime Museum, visitors can uncover stories about how the modern world was shaped by centuries of seafaring exploration.

Warwick Castle

Visiting Warwick Castle is an opportunity to explore the rich history of this magnificent medieval fortress. It dates back to the 11th century and has played a significant role in English history. Students can explore the castle's impressive collection of buildings and exhibitions, as well as witness jousting tournaments, falconry displays, and other live shows.

Tower of London

The Tower of London is a historic castle and fortress that has served as a royal palace, prison, and even a zoo over the centuries. Visitors can explore its impressive collection of buildings and exhibitions, including the iconic White Tower, the Crown Jewels, and the medieval palace. They can also learn about the infamous prisoners who were held in the tower over the centuries, including Anne Boleyn and Guy Fawkes.


Visiting Portsmouth offers an opportunity to explore the rich maritime history of the UK. The city has played a significant role in the country's naval history, and students can learn about this at the historic dockyard, which is home to several iconic ships. They can also explore the Mary Rose Museum, which houses the remains of Henry VIII's flagship, and the National Museum of the Royal Navy.

The experience

Immerse yourself in a diverse community of international students by joining the Cambridge summer school with Oxford Summer Courses. Attend practical lessons, embark on fantastic field trips, and enjoy a busy academic and social calendar. Explore local attractions such as museums on guided tours and the iconic Corpus Clock, unwind with tranquil afternoons punting on the River Cam, and engage in student traditions such as debating. Discover our available summer courses in Cambridge today and get ready for an authentic Cambridge experience.


Stay in Cambridge

Staying in Cambridge as an Oxford Summer Courses student is an unforgettable experience. This renowned academic city is steeped in history and culture, with stunning architecture and landmarks at every turn. But it's not just about academics - Cambridge is also a vibrant and welcoming community, with a lively student culture and a bustling arts and entertainment scene. Whether you're exploring the city's rich heritage, discovering new cuisines and experiences, or enjoying the company of students from around the world, Cambridge is sure to captivate and inspire you. From the iconic spires of the University of Cambridge to the charmingly narrow streets of Mill Road, Cambridge has something for everyone. As a student of the Cambridge Summer School at Oxford Summer Courses, you'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the diverse and exciting culture of one of the world's most historic and intellectually stimulating cities.

When you apply to study at our Cambridge Summer School with Oxford Summer Courses, you can choose to stay in either a standard room (with a shared bathroom) or an en-suite room (with a private bathroom), subject to availability. Our team will allocate you to a specific Cambridge college for your stay, where our Cambridge Summer Courses are hosted. All of our accommodation is conveniently located within easy reach of Cambridge's historic landmarks, tourist attractions, and shopping facilities.

When you stay with Oxford Summer Courses, you will dine at your allocated Cambridge College. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to eat at local Cambridge restaurants. On Fridays, dress up and enjoy a three-course formal dinner at your Cambridge college with fellow students to celebrate your achievements. This unforgettable experience will undoubtedly be a memorable highlight of your time at Oxford Summer Courses.



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Blythe, Hong Kong

"The best thing about Fitzwilliam is the kind teachers, and the friendship I’ve built with the students here. I have also adapted to be surrounded by different people from many parts of the world and learnt a lot from the courses."

Katrina, USA

"I would love to do this course again in the future. Oxford Summer Courses is a place where you can make friends that live all over the globe. And a chance to explore Oxford, London, and enjoy all sorts of extracurricular activities."

Krisha, India

"We were taught about business: what is it? how can we set up our own businesses? How can we successfully one day become leading entrepreneurs? Our classes were very engaging and informative. We did lots of case studies which helped us understand better."

Summer, New Zealand

"I like my course, business and entrepreneurship, because I can learn many things there and the teacher can be more focused in teaching me since there are only six students."

Mitko, Macedonia

"The teaching is done so well here. I really like that my tutor broke down complicated issues into smaller subjects that we then discussed in-depth."

Alejandro, Spain

"I loved having people from different cultural backgrounds in my course-- they brought experiences to the conversation that I had never encountered before."

Muhammad, Pakistan

"My tutor, Daniel Kaute, was not only witty and engaging, but also took the time to make sure we are applying our own skills to the work we are doing."

Aryaman, India

"Chemistry has always been my favourite subject and my tutor at Oxford Summer Courses made me love it even more. Mr. Rami E Kremesti is one of the most experienced people I have ever met. He told us things about chemistry that one cannot find in any books. "

Erin, Canada

"The course made me realize that chemistry is all around me and there is much more than just the classroom."

Loobdhak, Bahrain

"After finishing the course, I feel as if I have not only learnt more on this topic but also understood how important it is in our everyday life. We explored different parts of computer science such as Hardware, Software engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Game designing etc."

Maxim, Russia

"Even though I consider myself an advanced student in this field, I still had something new to learn and feel as if there’s plenty more that I could do."

Anas, Australia

"The favourite thing about my subject was that for the first time I felt like I was challenged, coming from a person who has taken Computer Science for 3 years in school (at GCSE and A Levels), which was kind of exciting and intimidating at the same time."

Christian, Romania

"The classes have simply amazed me and the tutor has guided us every step of the way, focusing on our interests, but also developing our critical thinking by encouraging us to support our views and finding arguments to do so."

James, USA

"I liked how we were given complex problems to solve. This pushed me to learn more and gave me the motivation to want to learn more."

Patrick, Norway

"I will forever appreciate the time I have spent at Oxford Summer Courses. During my time there I gained new friendships from a range of different cultures and I learned new things that about myself."

Magnus, Norway

"The main reason why I choose Oxford Summer Courses was to make new experiences, both with people and for myself to grow as an individual. Looking back now, the two weeks might be one of the most memorable and I am greatly thankful and satisfied."

Bree, Canada

"The Creative Writing Course helped me properly analyse famous writers’ works in order to fully understand them while letting me create my own short stories and poems. "

Irene, Panama

"Oxford Summer Courses has been such a unique and fulfilling experience with the help of the counsellors and mentors."

Anjali, India

"Oxford Summer Courses, as an institution is such a perfect opportunity to experience the Oxford life for aspiring students!"

Jennifer, India

"It has been exhilarating, all in all, to be a part of Oxford Summer Courses and I would definitely recommend it!"

Madelyn, USA

"I chose Oxford Summer Courses because I wanted a way to meet new people from many different countries. It’s also a great way to get a taste of the Oxford student experience through the challenging and engaging academics."

Marina, Finland

"My tutor was very nice and encouraging, she gave me lots of feedback that helped me improve my writing."

Ximena, Mexico

"My tutor was open to suggestions about other material we would like to see and study, like poetry!"

Adnaan, Mauritius

"The best lesson I have had so far was at the beginning of the course when we studied Game Theory, and when we did presentations in class about shops or platforms that we had to imagine ourselves."

Dev, United Kingdom

"My mentor, Mr. Christian Holm has been an absolute pleasure. I always look forward to his lessons, not only for my passion for economics but because I feel Mr. Holm has been great at dissecting complicated and large ideas, making them simpler and easier to digest."

Joshua, South Africa

"Inside the classroom we have learnt a great deal about a wide variety of topics such as game theory, evaluation, supply and demand, inflation and interest rates, allocation of resources which all fall under macroeconomic as well as microeconomics."

Chloe, China

"The economics course I'm taking is really helpful as a range of topics were introduced and explained clearly to us. "

Perla, Lebanon

"The tutor brought whole new perspective to subjects that I understood differently before. He really made us think outside the box and I feel like I’ve challenged intellectually."

Audrey, Australia

"Choosing to take part in this exciting, fun-filled trip has been one of the best decisions I have ever made."

Chloe, USA

"The material was fascinating, and the process taught me how to prioritise work; whereas at school I have about two weeks to write each essay, here it’s just two days."

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