Study somewhere special


Enjoy the true Oxford experience with our academic courses and cultural adventures. The best teaching, the best setting, the best summer

Ages 13-15, 16-17, 18-24


Follow in the footsteps of Darwin, Newton and 80 Nobel prize winners, study cutting edge social science and innovation and live in the heart of Cambridge

Ages 13-15, 16-17, 18-24


Experience the best of British boarding education at Wycombe Abbey this summer and make friends from around the world

Ages 9-12

Stretch your mind

This summer choose from 40+ inspiring subjects, it's the perfect chance to consolidate your learning or try something totally new

Love every moment

Summer school means so much more than study. From cultural events to sightseeing, you'll be making memories at every turn

Beyond the books, there's a world of entertainment and culture to explore.

Once you're up-to-date with your city's rich past, head back to the present, where you can shop, dine and dance in contemporary restaurants, or enjoy a formal dinner in the college hall.

Whether you're staying in Oxford, Cambridge, London, Stanford or Wycombe Abbey your surroundings will be beautiful, but remember you're well placed to explore further afield too. Blenheim Palace, Windsor Castle, and the city of Bath are recent day trips our summer school students have loved, as well as exploring the many museums and cultural sites located in each host city. Fill your mind with knowledge and your weekends with memories. Work hard, play hard and enjoy the balance of achieving your academic goals while enjoying a fun, fulfilling experience with new friends at your side.

Your brilliant future is ahead of you.

Our courses

Broaden your circle

Each summer we welcome students from over 110 countries. There’ll be plenty of time to socialise and make friends on our summer courses – and we’ll help you all stay in touch too.

Supercharge your future

Summer courses are just the beginning. As well as unforgettable academic, social and cultural experiences, we're here to help prepare you for future courses and careers. Real skills for the real world.

Join our global network

Seek out new opportunities, connect with classmates, and keep on learning

Go beyond summer

Kick-start your learning with one-week intensive courses held in spring. Prepare for your academic and professional future, network with industry experts and top academics, and hone your skills in your chosen academic subject. Held in Oxford, taught by the experts, for 16-17 and 18-24 year olds.

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