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Discover Oxford Summer Courses Dynamic Teaching Approach and How It Can Help You Achieve Your Academic and Personal Goals

Explore the exceptional educational experience that Oxford Summer Courses offers through our summer school teaching methods. We are committed to providing students of all ages with a challenging and inspiring learning environment. Our expert tutors are passionate about their subjects and dedicated to helping students achieve their academic and personal goals.

Our summer courses are designed to be engaging and stimulating, combining traditional teaching methods with innovative techniques such as interactive seminars and practical workshops. We believe in encouraging critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and our approach helps students develop these abilities.

With a diverse range of summer courses to choose from, whether you're looking to gain a deeper understanding of a subject, prepare for university, or develop new skills, we have something for everyone. Take a closer look at our teaching methods, meet our experienced tutors, and find out how we can help you unlock your potential and achieve your goals with our summer courses.

Interactive Learning (For Ages 9-15)

Experience interactive learning led by expert teachers as part of Oxford Summer Courses Junior Summer programme. Our course includes multimedia presentations, group work, games, problem-solving activities, and project work to develop your subject knowledge with a real-life focus. Our teaching method encourages independent and collaborative learning for an enriching experience. Improve your critical thinking, research, and presentation skills for future academic and professional pursuits. Leave feeling inspired and excited about your subject.

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Tutorials and Seminars (For Ages 16-24)

Oxford Summer Courses teaching methodology benefits students by providing them with the tools to enhance their research, presentation, and critical thinking skills during our summer school. The seminars and tutorials offer an authentic student experience, with small group sizes and expert tutors who provide detailed feedback and guidance. Students are encouraged to think critically, challenge themselves, and develop flexible thinking to defend their beliefs with confidence. These opportunities shape students' thinking forever, preparing them for future academic pursuits and professional careers.

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Access to Oxford Summer Courses Foundations

Before you join us for your Oxford Summer Courses summer course, we invite you to sign up for Oxford Summer Courses Foundations, a self-paced online learning platform designed to enhance your learning skills not just for our summer school, but also throughout your academic journey. This platform is the beginning of your incredible learning experience with us and provides insights into what you can expect from the moment you arrive at Oxford Summer Courses. The virtual modules are tailored to your specific summer course and include an overview of our world-renowned tutorial teaching methodology, guidance on goal-setting, independent study, and strategies for reviewing and improving your work. The platform is available to students aged 9 to 24 and is included as part of your summer course fees.

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Our Approach

Whatever and wherever you’re learning, there are certain qualities you can look forward to in all your teaching at Oxford Summer Courses summer school.

Personal: As far as possible, we’ll build the experience around you. Building on your strengths and fuelling your curiosity. If there’s something you’re especially interested in, let your tutor know.

Passionate: Just when we think our experts can’t get any more enthusiastic, they go and prove us wrong. These are people who genuinely love and live their subject. Get ready to get inspired at Oxford Summer Courses.

Purposeful: Of course, we believe in learning for learning’s sake – but we also believe you deserve more than that. This is all about equipping you for your future and placing things in a meaningful context with our summer courses.

Adaptable Teaching Methods for Exceptional Learning

Tailored to your needs, Oxford Summer Courses offer adaptable and personalised teaching methods for an exceptional learning experience.

We adapt our teaching methods depending on the content, aims, and location of your course. We honour the traditions of your surroundings, maximise contact time with our experts, and ensure you get the most enriching educational experience possible.

Older students in Oxford or Cambridge, for example, enjoy seminars in small groups as well as the world-renowned tutorial (or supervision) system, where leading academics devote their full attention to your work and your thinking. There's practical work, too, as appropriate.

Intermediate students also learn in small seminar groups – with a blend of project work to encourage independent learning and foster collaborative skills – while our younger students benefit from plenty of teacher time in tailored classes and highly interactive workshops.

Strengthen your academic foundations in a supportive learning environment

Enhance Your Summer Learning Experience with Oxford Summer Courses

Immerse yourself in a world-renowned academic environment while exploring the beauty and history of iconic British cities as part of Oxford Summer Courses. Our expertly crafted summer courses provide a supportive and inclusive community of learners from around the globe. Our comprehensive summer courses include academic materials, accommodation, meals, and exciting activities and excursions, making it the perfect choice for a summer school. Discover the best of British culture and history with Oxford Summer Courses summer programme today.

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