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Oxford Summer Courses Teaching Methodologies

Oxford Summer Courses Teaching Methodologies

Discover a transformative educational journey with Oxford Summer Courses. Explore your passions without the confines of a restrictive curriculum. Our teaching methodologies empower independent thinking, allowing you to delve into subjects you love. This approach frees you from traditional pressures, enabling the discovery of your unique path. Ready to experience the summer of a lifetime? Apply now and embark on a transformative journey with Oxford Summer Courses.

Tailored Learning Experience

Inspired by the esteemed tutorial teaching methods of Oxford and Cambridge, our commitment to excellence is evident in small class sizes, averaging just 6 students. This ensures an intimate and engaging learning environment tailored to your needs. Explore university-style subjects designed to inspire your future, led by expert tutors from some of the world's best academic centres.

Interactive Learning for Ages 9-12

Ignite curiosity through interactive, task-based learning tailored for 9-10 and 11-12-year-olds. Our experienced teachers inspire and engage students with dynamic multimedia presentations, collaborative group activities, engaging games, problem-solving challenges, and real-life focused projects.

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Seminars and Tutorials for Ages 13-15

For students aged 13-15 in Oxford and Cambridge, your learning journey will unfold through seminars. These small-group sessions offer an academically challenging yet open environment, providing the perfect platform for thought-provoking debates. Hone your research and presentation skills with expert guidance.

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Seminars and Tutorials for Ages 16-24

For students aged 16 and above in Oxford or Cambridge, experience both seminars (in groups of up to 8) and tutorials (1 tutor to 2 students usually). Engage in lively discussions, explore critical thinking dimensions, and refine arguments under expert guidance, discovering your academic path on your terms.

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Empowering Young Minds at Oxford Summer Courses

Discover your path in an inclusive community - where Independent thought flourishes in over 40 subjects, offering unique learning journeys tailored for ages 9-24.Find a Course

Inclusive Learning Community

At Oxford Summer Courses, inclusivity is not just a concept; it's our way of life. We foster an environment that is accessible, welcoming, and friendly, ensuring that every student feels a sense of belonging. Our commitment to supporting enquiring young minds is woven into the fabric of our unique learning journeys, nurturing independent thought in a diverse community.

Expert Guidance

Meet our Oxford Summer Courses tutors, many from Oxford and Cambridge. Through intimate seminars, interactive tutorials, and practical workshops, they impart the essence of Oxford-style learning. Engage in riveting reading lists, contemplate thought-provoking essay questions, and partake in spirited debates. Our tutors are champions of independent thinking, broadening perspectives, and anchoring conclusions in robust reasoning.

Access Oxford Summer Courses Foundations

Before your Oxford Summer Courses summer course begins, sign up for Oxford Summer Courses Foundations. This self-paced online learning platform sets the stage for your incredible Oxford Summer Courses learning journey. Tailored to your Oxford Summer Courses course, it offers an overview of our world-renowned tutorial teaching methodology, goal-setting guidance, and more. Available to students aged 9-24, it's included as part of your Oxford Summer Courses course fees.

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