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Summer Courses for 18-24 Year-Olds

Academic Summer Courses for 18-24 year olds

A world of opportunity

An 18-24 summer course with Oxford Summer Courses is the perfect place to network with industry experts, make friends from around the world, and improve your study skills – whatever your academic or career goals, and whatever subject you’re excited about.

Introduction to our summer courses for 18-24s


Authentic university-style learning

Learn from expert tutors who’ve taught and studied at Oxford and Cambridge, plus industry experts with decades of professional experience. And enjoy seminars, workshops, professional development sessions and lectures from eminent subject specialists.

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Over 40 subjects to choose from

Whichever subject you study with us this summer, you’ll experience inspiring seminars, weekly one-on-one tutorials and small group seminars designed perfectly to help you develop your knowledge. It’s the ideal way to establish yourself in your field of study, and further your academic career.

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World-class tutors

Before founding Oxford Summer Courses, we experienced the inspiring personalised instruction Oxford offers first-hand. We believe this unique combination of small group seminar teaching and tutorials led by expert tutors from world-leading universities is the very best way for you to develop academically.

How we teach

Expand your network

Study alongside like-minded students from around the world and meet new friends and classmates who could become future colleagues. Wherever your career takes you, the professional and academic networks you develop on your Oxford Summer Course are excellent preparation.

Find your future

Live on world-leading university campuses

You’ll stay where university students live during term time. And enjoy the full student experience, from lunches out with friends to local bars and restaurants in the evenings and a three-course college banquet to end each week – the perfect way to round off your authentic taste of English university life.

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Access to Oxford Summer Courses Foundations

Before you join us, we want to make sure you have all the information you need to make the most out of your course. That’s why we have created Oxford Summer Courses Foundations - a self-paced online learning platform to develop your ability to learn with us and throughout your education. The platform is included as part of your course fees and available to access whenever you need it.

Foundations Preview

Explore new cities

We love sharing our knowledge of the cities we studied in, and giving you a genuine insider’s view of these magical places. See the sights larger groups miss, visit our favourite parts of the city, and learn what studying in your chosen city is really like.



1 / 5

Alejandro, Spain

"I loved having people from different cultural backgrounds in my course-- they brought experiences to the conversation that I had never encountered before."

Alex, USA

"Oxford Summer Courses has exceeded my expectations and has been a great way for me to meet people from all over the world while experiencing all that this university city has to offer."

Alexis, United Kingdom

"The course was specially adapted to what we wanted to learn about, taught by such a knowledgeable expert in the field, with very well facilitated discussions with other eager students."

Andreina, Spain

"The tutor asked us questions that I wouldn’t normally ask myself, and I feel like I really grew during the course."

Anjali, India

"Oxford Summer Courses, as an institution is such a perfect opportunity to experience the Oxford life for aspiring students!"

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