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Four-Week Enhanced Programme at Oxford Summer Courses

Experience the Rich Cultural Heritage and Academic Excellence of Oxford and Cambridge

Experience the rich cultural heritage and academic excellence of Oxford and Cambridge with Oxford Summer Courses' Four-Week Enhanced Programme. Rooted in our commitment to fostering independent thought and empowering young minds, this immersive programme is tailored for ages 13-15 and 16-17. Discover the essence of these historic cities while deepening your academic knowledge and expanding your horizons. Ready to extend your learning and explore two iconic university cities? Apply now and start your extended academic journey with Oxford Summer Courses. Apply now!

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Four-Week Enhanced Programme Overview

  • Extended Learning Adventure: Study in the UK for four weeks, rather than our standard two, for a summer you won’t forget. Discover what's included.
  • Dual City Experience: Why limit yourself? Experience both of our historic University cities - Oxford and Cambridge.
  • Diverse Subjects: Study more than one subject to supplement your academic experience and broaden your perspective.
  • Tailored Experience: Choose from a range of subjects and tailor your own experience to your interests - studying for four weeks and multiple locations gives you more options.
  • Global Community: Make even more friends - our students come from more than 100 different countries every year and you’ll meet even more of them with an extended stay. Read our reviews.
  • Exclusive Activities: Enjoy extra weekend activities exclusive to the Four-Week Enhanced Programme, such as a trip to Stratford Upon Avon, Shakespeare’s birthplace, including a theatre tour, a show, a visit to Anne Hathaway’s house, and dinner at a restaurant.

What’s Included?

The cost of the Four-Week Enhanced Programme starts at £12,790 and includes everything in a standard two-week summer course, PLUS:

  • Complimentary transport between course locations.
  • Additional meals and accommodation for the four-week period.
  • Extra weekend activities, such as a theatre show and other historical site visits, adding value for extending your course. Learn more about what's included.

Am I Eligible?

The Four-Week Enhanced Programme is available to students in the 13-15 and 16-17 age groups. The programme is subject to availability on specific dates. Please submit an application and a member of the admissions team will contact you. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

FAQs about the Four-Week Enhanced Programme

  • What are the benefits of the Four-Week Enhanced Programme? The Four-Week Enhanced Programme allows you to experience both Oxford and Cambridge, study multiple subjects, and participate in exclusive activities, providing a richer and more diverse academic and cultural experience. Learn more about our teaching methodologies.
  • How is the cost of the programme calculated? The cost starts at £12,790 and includes all the benefits of a standard two-week course, plus additional meals, accommodation, transport between locations, and extra weekend activities.
  • Who is eligible for the Four-Week Enhanced Programme? The programme is available to students aged 13-15 and 16-17. Availability is subject to specific dates, and interested students should submit an application to be contacted by our admissions team. Learn more about our academic overview.

How to Apply for the Four-Week Enhanced Programme

To apply for the Four-Week Enhanced Programme, fill in the form with your selected Oxford course. You will then be prompted to add a second course to your application. If you change your mind, you can discuss options with a recruitment advisor. You may also wish to note in your personal statement that you are interested in the Four-Week Enhanced Programme.

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1 / 5

Gabrielle, Singapore

"The last 14 days at Oxford Summer Courses have allowed me the opportunity to study International Relations and Politics in a new environment, with tutors who were able to cover a broad scope of the subject with us at the summer school."

Katrina, USA

"I would love to do this course again in the future. Oxford Summer Courses is a place where you can make friends that live all over the globe. And a chance to explore Oxford, London, and enjoy all sorts of extracurricular activities."

Mitko, Macedonia

"The teaching is done so well here. I really like that my tutor broke down complicated issues into smaller subjects that we then discussed in-depth."

Sofya, Russia

"This course is all I could wish for it to be and more. Not only the course I took, but also the freedom of my schedule and the approachability of all the student leaders have contributed equally to making these two weeks absolutely unforgettable."

Valentina, Italy

"I attended the English Literature course and have fully adored every single moment. My teacher has been such an inspiration to me, he has helped me expand my horizons and explore complex ideas and feelings through the use of words."

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