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Psychology Summer School at Oxford Summer Courses

Psychology, compared to other sciences, is a fairly new addition to course prospectuses at schools and universities - with intensive observation and study of the subject having only really begun in the past 150 years or so.

It's this freshness and opportunity to explore something novel which seems to be a major draw for students, with Psychology being one of the most popular subjects for students to pursue in further education. Over the past decade, it’s become one of the fastest growing courses in the UK in terms of number of applications to universities.

Essentially, Psychology is the study of people and their neurological processes. Most commonly the study of discipline, it seeks to understand why individuals and groups behave, think, and react in certain ways, based upon their own neurochemistry. 

And its growing popularity can be attributed to its rather exciting syllabus. The prospect of analysing and getting an understanding of aspects of complex human behaviour through research can be incredibly engaging. 

Quite simply, Psychology offers a chance to explore the unanswered questions faced by the human brain, which is of particular interest to many - whether because we seek to understand ourselves better, or have a passion for helping those around us. 

For students interested in a future career in Psychology, or simply finding out more about the subject in general, our summer courses offer the perfect opportunity to explore this subject at an undergraduate level at the top university in the UK.

There’s so much to gain from attending an Oxford Psychology course this summer - and not just the opportunity to study amongst expert tutors. Participating in a rich socio-cultural timetable of activities, you’ll have a fully rounded student experience from Oxford’s leading summer school

Aged between 13 and 24 years of age? Discover 6 things you’ll get to learn when you study Psychology in Oxford this summer. 

For students aged 13-15

Our Psychology summer courses for ages 13-15 are a great introduction to the subject, including its significance in modern culture, as well as the chance to experience small-class university-style teaching. 


Introduction to the fundamentals of Psychology

In the UK, the majority of students only have the opportunity to study Psychology in their [GCSE](https://oxfordsummercourses.com/articles/a-guide-to-choosing-your-gcse-subjects/ or A-Level years at the earliest. As such, for many of the 13-15 year-old students that join us, our Oxford Psychology summer courses are often the first introductory teaching to the subject. 

As a result, all teaching will be tailored around equipping students with the fundamentals of the subject; understanding the complexities of our brains and emotions, including how our thoughts affect our everyday lives - in the way we communicate and behave in general. 

During your learning sessions, you can expect to cover some key studies in social psychology and cognition, making connections between how we think about ourselves and others, and how this can affect our behaviour. We’ll examine psychology across different cultures - the ways it's viewed and how it can impact communities, including asking questions around moral decision-making.

It’s a great opportunity to build your foundations, giving you a solid framework of knowledge for which you can build all future study on.

Research skills for the future

No matter what age you join us, our summer schools are all about helping our students craft a robust academic skill set with which you can use throughout your future education and employment. Study Psychology at Oxford with us, and you’ll advance your understanding of research methods, data collection, and how to determine which test is best for each scenario. 

Building on your knowledge of psychological research, we’ll develop your scientific skill set, exploring the different methods used by modern psychologists. Historically, there have been many hotly debated Psychology pieces of research conducted, with questions around their ethicality at the forefront. Using several real-life examples, we’ll consider the advantages and disadvantages of each commonly-used testing method, including any moral implications that can come with them. 

You’ll leave with a better understanding of what makes a “fair” test, how to make objective conclusions from data, and, more importantly, how to ensure that you protect the psychological and physical safety of any individuals that you could conduct research with in the future.

Take a look at our 2-week Psychology summer courses in Oxford for ages 13-15. 

For students aged 16-17

Aged 16-17? Considering Psychology as a potential subject option for university? Or just want to learn more about how our minds can affect our behaviours? 

Our Psychology summer courses for 16-17 will help you dive into questions around mental health, neurological behaviours, and human interactions, all while giving you the chance to get accustomed to student culture here in the UK. 


Advance your fundamental knowledge of Psychology

Studying Psychology at A-Level? Or just have a wider interest in reading about it outside of the classroom? Whether you’re a complete novice or budding psychotherapist, our Oxford Psychology courses are tailored to all student abilities and knowledge bases. 

Although we’ll cover basic terminology and concepts, we’ll also push your thinking one step further, looking at the complexities of emotional behaviours, thought-processes, environments, and character traits. For example, what happens when our chemicals are out of sync? Or when medical intervention affects our ability to behave and think authentically? 

Throughout your course, you’ll be asked to complete a series of independent learning tasks. These could be project or research-based, essays or problem sheets, which your tutor will then evaluate in either a 1:1 or 2:1 tutorial. They’ll give you comprehensive feedback on your work, including points of interest to help you develop your work further. You’ll be encouraged to defend the thinking behind your work, stimulating you to think critically about the topic of choice and broaden your understanding of it. 

With 9 out of 10 students stating that they leave our courses with an improved understanding of their chosen subject, you should finish your Psychology course with a much broader knowledge base of the complexities of modern Psychology, its ethics, and roots in different cultures. 

Gain Pre-University Insights into Studying at a Top University

One of the biggest advantages of attending a university summer school is the ability to gain insight into what it's like to study a particular subject at a higher level. 

If you haven’t done so already, then between the ages of 16-17, you’ll definitely begin to think about what you may want to put down on your application to study at university. And if you have an interest in studying Psychology at a top-rated university, then our summer school can certainly provide you with an authentic insight into the student experience. 

Our Psychology summer courses follow the Oxford tutorial method of teaching. This means each week you will prepare for tutorials and seminars, where you’ll study in small class groups of no more than eight. Seminars especially give you a platform to participate in thought-provoking debate and even put your research, presentation and other skills to the test. 

Honing in your particular academic abilities and work, tutorials are the academic model that have helped make the University of Oxford the global academic force we know it as today. They’re an unrivalled opportunity to dissect your work with expert tutors, helping to bring out the very best in you academically. It’s a totally unique opportunity to experience a first-rate teaching practice, led by some of the world’s greatest network of tutors.

On top of this, our Oxford Psychology courses are residential, giving you the opportunity to experience a new city, away from your parents or carers, and with a close group of like-minded peers. You’ll be given plenty of opportunities to explore your new surroundings, participate in an enriching student cultural timetable of activities and get a real feel for what you can expect from student living. 

In this respect, a Psychology summer course can be hugely rewarding. Not only will you have the chance to expand your knowledge of a subject you’re already passionate about, but you’ll also experience, first-hand, what you can expect from life as an undergraduate student - an invaluable experience for all future decision-making. 

Take a look at our 2-week Psychology summer courses in Oxford for ages 16-17. 

For students aged 18-24

Aged between 18-24? Want to experience the very best that UK education has to offer?

Studying Psychology in Oxford gives students an opportunity to eat, sleep and study at a top UK university, and gain an authentic slice of the undergraduate experience in one of the most desirable student cities in the world. 


Tackle advanced Psychological theory

For older students, studying on our Oxford Psychology summer courses offers an advanced understanding of knowledge, designed to challenge, stimulate and give you a unique insight into the learning experience at a top university in the UK. 

In terms of the content you cover, topics can include; abnormal psychology, including complex mental health illnesses and neurodevelopmental disorders; theories of well-being and its influence in modern culture; the complexities of group behaviour; and the evolving social behaviour - amongst many others. 

You’ll get a rounded approach to the subject field, including theory, research, and diagnoses, to wider contexts of understanding how Psychology affects different aspects of society and is received by different cultures. For example, you could debate issues on how some cultures still hold traditional views around mental health and illness, or how public funding is used amongst societies to provide care for the most vulnerable.

Your learning will be a combination of taught seminar sessions, professional development workshops, tutorials, and lectures from eminent keynote speakers. All of which will ensure you acquire the knowledge and skills to succeed academically as you advance in your Psychology training. It’s a great opportunity to challenge your knowledge and get ahead for future study ventures.


Broaden your future training and career options

Another great advantage of studying Psychology with us in Oxford is that you will gain unrivalled insights into future training and development opportunities, including getting a real feel for whether a career in Psychology is right for you. 

Immersing yourself in a 2-week university summer school is the perfect way to experience life as a student at a top university, helping you better decide whether embarking on the subject at university or in a postgraduate sense is right for you. 

All academic sessions are led by an expert tutor, who has been selected from a top institution for their professional knowledge, skill, and expertise. For students aged 18-24, 91% of these tutors are from the world-leading universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and have the very best research and professional experience. They’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about studying Psychology at university here in the UK, including walking you through the various career paths and research opportunities available. 

When it comes to submitting an application to study Psychology at university or for a research role, the skills, knowledge and confidence you will have gained from a summer course will be invaluable. To prospective admissions officers and employers, you’ll be demonstrating your passion and commitment to the subject, with a written letter of recommendation from your Oxford Summer Courses tutor (given to you at the end of your course) providing ample support on your claims - really helping your application to shine amongst the rest.

Take a look at our 2-week Psychology summer courses in Oxford for ages 18-24. 

Why Attend a Psychology Summer School in Oxford?

Earning international recognition as one of the most prestigious and desirable student cities in the world, Oxford is renowned for its quality of education, having produced some of the greatest and most advanced thinkers in the world. As such, it comes as little surprise that each summer, hundreds of international students seek an opportunity to spend their summers here, and get a taste of the ‘Oxford life’ for themselves. 

At a very basic level, an Oxford Psychology summer course will introduce you to the fundamentals of the subject and equip you with the research skills necessary to advance your technical know-how for scientific and social research. 

But beyond that, a Psychology summer course will take you so much further. Studying with the very best means you can push your knowledge base as far as your brain will let you. The insights, subject fundamentals, and skills you can develop are limitless. You’ll broaden your horizons in a multicultural learning environment, where you will be joined by other academically-talented students. 

Outside of the classroom, you’ll have the opportunity to connect and meet new people, explore the city of Oxford, and get an authentic taste of student life here. Perfect for those with ambitions of studying overseas. 

In this respect, a Psychology summer school for any student aged 13 and over can be hugely rewarding, giving you unrivalled opportunities to develop yourself, your knowledge, and most importantly, helping you to gain experience that will guide those all-important academic decisions.

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Oxford summer courses offer comprehensive psychology learning for students aged 13-24, covering theory, research skills, and career options with expert tutors in small classes. Gain valuable knowledge and skills for a future in psychology.

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