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Founded in 2010 by two Oxford University graduates, Harry and Rob, Oxford Summer Courses was born from a shared vision: to empower young minds to explore and nurture their own ideas, free from the constraints of exams and mandated syllabuses. Their mission is simple yet profound: to ignite a passion for learning in inspiring locations, echoing the renowned Oxford teaching methodology known for its transformative effect on critical thinking. Ready to experience the summer of a lifetime? Apply now and join a community dedicated to fostering your academic and personal growth.

Save £500 with Fast-Track Visa Service

Apply for our courses starting on or after July 21st and save £500 with the UK's fast-track priority visa service. Speed up your visa approval process and secure your place with confidence. If your visa is rejected, we’ll refund your deposit. Terms and conditions apply.

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Tailored Learning Journeys

Our unique summer courses allow tutors to tailor classes around your interests, delving into questions raised and topics that engage in a natural, free-flowing way that supports you to explore subjects you love, free from a set syllabus or the pressure of exams. This builds passion, critical thinking, and inspires more effective learning in our summer courses

Global Community and Connections

Join a diverse community hosting more than 2,000 students from 100+ countries each year. Build lasting connections with fellow students, expert tutors, and on-course staff, extending your network globally and building connections that last a lifetime through our summer school.

Exceptional Teaching Methodologies

Delve into education beyond the ordinary. Our courses mirror methodologies used by Oxford University, renowned for fostering rapid development, helping you to develop your independent and critical thinking within an inclusive community during our summer courses.

Small Class Sizes

Benefit from small classes capped at a maximum of 8 students (aged 13+) or 15 students (aged 9-12). Tutorials are also part of the offering to students aged 16+ and are two students to one tutor. This approach means that you get ample time with the expert tutor for immediate feedback to help with your development. Small classes also enable the use of optimal learning methodologies with a great deal of in-depth debate and discussion or detailed analysis, as appropriate to the subject, to better engage with the topic and fully understand a range of perspectives in our summer school.

Start Your Summer Adventure with Oxford Summer Courses

Ready to embark on your summer school journey? Apply now and experience adventure and academic excellence at prestigious university colleges like Cambridge and Oxford, and renowned boarding schools like Eton College, Winchester, and St Johns Beaumont.Apply Now

Inspiring Academic Locations

Older students can choose between two of the UK’s best university cities, Oxford and Cambridge. Younger students are housed in eminent boarding schools, including Harrow, Eton, and St John’s Beaumont. Immerse yourself in inspiring, historic academic locations and engage in a lively social program filled with activities cherished by term-time students. Conclude your experience with a traditional formal dinner and graduation ceremony, celebrating your achievements with your new lifelong friends during our summer courses.

Explore Passions and Challenge Perspectives

Break free from restrictive curricula and delve into your academic passions. Our expert tutors will guide you in refining your ideas and thinking, leading debates and discussions to help you gain a new perspective in our summer courses.

International Exposure

Immerse yourself in a truly global academic experience by studying in a multicultural environment with Oxford Summer Courses. Gain exposure to diverse perspectives, cultures, and academic approaches as you collaborate with fellow students from over 100 countries. This international setting not only enriches your learning but also prepares you for the interconnected world, fostering a global outlook that goes beyond borders during our summer school.

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