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Why Choose Oxford Summer Courses?

The Benefits of Oxford Summer Courses

While Oxford inspires us, we are not part of the university. It shapes what, where, and how we teach. Experience a transformative educational journey with Oxford Summer Courses, where small class sizes, university-style subjects, and world-class tutors converge to offer a truly exceptional learning experience. Our carefully crafted curriculum, inspired by the esteemed universities of Oxford and Cambridge, prepares students for future academic pursuits while instilling a genuine passion for learning. With the choice of three prestigious UK cities, authentic study environments, engaging social programs, and memorable graduation ceremonies, our courses go beyond the classroom, offering students a comprehensive and enriching summer school experience.

Small classes, with an average class size of 6 students

We believe in the power of small class sizes to facilitate meaningful learning experiences. With an average class size of just six students, our summer courses are intentionally designed to be intimate and interactive. This allows for individualised attention, ensuring that every student can actively participate in discussions and receive personalised feedback from our experienced tutors. In this close-knit setting, students feel comfortable expressing their ideas, fostering a collaborative and supportive learning environment, influenced by the intimate tutorials characteristic of Oxford and Cambridge.

Expert Tutors from Renowned Academic Institutions

At Oxford Summer Courses, we are fortunate to have a team of accomplished tutors, many of whom hail from prestigious institutions like Oxford and Cambridge. They lead intimate seminars, interactive tutorials, and hands-on workshops, all designed to encapsulate the essence of Oxford-style learning. Delve into captivating reading lists, ponder over thought-provoking essay questions, and engage in lively debates. Our tutors not only excel in their fields but also passionately advocate for nurturing independent thinking, broadening perspectives, and grounding conclusions in robust reasoning. This encapsulates the heart of Oxford Summer Courses' approach to summer school education.

Explore Top UK University Cities: Oxford, Cambridge, London, and More

Choose from 3 of the best university cities in the UK: Oxford, Cambridge, and London: Our summer school offers students the unique opportunity to select from three of the most prestigious university cities in the UK: Oxford, Cambridge, and London. Each of these cities boasts a rich academic tradition, cultural diversity, and a vibrant intellectual atmosphere. Whether you're drawn to the historic aura of Oxford and Cambridge or the cosmopolitan energy of London, your choice of city will shape not only your educational experience but also your broader understanding of the world.

Learn more about Oxford Summer Courses

Discover why Oxford Summer Courses is the perfect choice for you by watching this video. Our award-winning summer courses, designed by Oxford alumni, are simply unparalleled.Find a Course

Study in Historic Colleges, Prestigious Boarding Schools, and Modern University Campuses

We're dedicated to offering students an authentic and immersive educational experience. We contract with these esteemed institutions for the use of their facilities, including accommodation. However, please note that Oxford Summer Courses has no formal connection with them. That's why we offer a range of distinctive study environments. You can choose to immerse yourself in the storied colleges of Oxford and Cambridge, where the walls resonate with centuries of academic pursuit. Alternatively, you may select a modern university campus in the heart of bustling London. Each location provides a unique perspective on academia, ensuring that students enjoy a truly enriching experience. This is all inspired by the diverse and rich academic environments found in Oxford, Cambridge, and London.

Lively Social Programme, Filled with Local Activities Loved by Term-Time Students

Education is not confined to the classroom. Our summer school programmes offer a dynamic social programme that complements academic studies. We provide a range of local activities that are popular among students during term-time. This allows our participants to not only engage with their studies but also immerse themselves in the broader cultural and social fabric of their chosen city. Whether it's cultural events, outdoor excursions, or community service initiatives, our social programme ensures a well-rounded and memorable summer experience.

Formal Dinner and Graduation Ceremony on the Last Night of Your Course

To mark the culmination of your educational journey with us, we host a formal dinner and graduation ceremony on the last night of your course. This special event provides an opportunity for students to reflect on their accomplishments, celebrate their academic growth, and cherish the memories they've created during their time with us. It's a momentous occasion that recognises the hard work, dedication, and achievements of each student, and serves as a fitting conclusion to a transformative summer experience, mirroring the tradition of formal academic events found in the universities that inspire us.


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Aarupi, United Kingdom

"I've enjoyed having a roommate during the summer school at Oxford Summer Courses and the opportunity to make so many new friends. It's great to meet new people, and it's a lot of fun."

Corentin, France

"Our tutor at Oxford Summer Courses was very interesting and passionate, and the visits we had were directly linked to the subject we were studying. The summer school provided a well-rounded learning experience that combined engaging classroom sessions with relevant and informative field trips."

Gargi, India

"While studying International Relations at Oxford Summer Courses, I learned about different countries and how they relate to each other in the summer school."

Irene, Panama

"Oxford Summer Courses has been such a unique and fulfilling experience with the help of the counsellors and mentors."

Joie, Philippines

"The subjects were surprisingly more than enjoyable and I absorbed a profusion of information."

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