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Why Choose Oxford Summer Courses?

Authentic student experiences

Whether you’re already at university, preparing to apply or still at school there’s every reason to spend your summer with us.

Oxford Summer Courses was established by a network of Oxford alumni determined to share the magic of the university and the city with the wider world.

Exceptional quality, authentic student experiences you can trust

Become inspired by our authentic student experience at the highest-ranked universities and schools. Designed and delivered by the tutors that make our hosts world-leading universities and schools.


You're in safe hands: we've been awarded BAC accreditation for our UK academic short courses alongside British Council accreditation for our EFL courses in the UK.


You'll study with the most passionate tutors, stay in the most comfortable - and safest - accommodation and undertake the most thought-provoking day trips. We're committed to sharing the best that studying in the UK has to offer.

Academic strength through expert tutors teaching small-sized classes

Engaging, expert tutors.Gain access to our engaging, expert tutors, selected from the world’s leading academic centres for their ability to teach high-potential young minds.

Small class sizes

You'll learn more, faster, in our small-sized classes: in seminars of max. 8 you'll receive lots of your tutor's time and attention. If you're 16 or over, you'll also study in 2:1 tutorials, the academic model used at Oxford and Cambridge universities for over 800 years.


Your tutor will blend cutting-edge developments, subject fundamentals and their own research to inspire you - whether you're already a prodigy or taking the first steps towards becoming one.

Your springboard for future success

Your tutor will push you to make genuine progress. The reward: a letter of recommendation to show how far you've come. To top it off, you'll be awarded a graduation certificate - which many of our alumni use to demonstrate their commitment in future applications.

Gain an edge

Gain an edge over your peers by accessing the world's best teachers. You'll join motivated students from around the world with similar interests, keeping your classes stimulating and fast-paced.

Future-proof subjects

Get ready to conquer whatever comes next with our future-proof subjects and skills workshops that link academia to the real world.

Create lasting friendships with like-minded students, tutors and staff

Join us and make lasting friendships, new classmates and, perhaps, future business partners with like-minded global students.


We're ready to show you the real student experience. Prepare for off-the-beaten-track recommendations from our local insiders and avoid the tourists.

Caring on-course staff

Our dedicated team of well-trained staff are here to look after your safety and wellbeing.

Building a carbon neutral environment for staff and students

We've partnered with environmental organisation, Natural Capital Partners, to offset our carbon emissions and become a CarbonNeutral company.

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