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Christ Church, Oxford

Experience what it is like to study in Oxford! During your time with Oxford Summer Courses, you will stay in one of eight world-renowned Oxford University Colleges. The colleges are located throughout the city of Oxford, all within walking distance of the city centre, which has historical buildings, tourist attractions, and shops.

Christ Church was founded in 1525 by King Henry VIII, making it the oldest of Oxford’s colleges. It is known for its beautiful architecture, including Tom Tower, which was designed by Sir Christopher Wren, and the Great Hall, which was used as a model for the Great Hall in the Harry Potter Films. Throughout its history, Christ Church has produced many notable alumni, including King Edward VII, the author of Alice in Wonderland Lewis Carroll, and the scientist Albert Einstein.

Christ Church accommodation for 18-24 year old students includes single en-suite, single standard, and twin standard rooms, depending on availability. Every Friday, students are provided a three-course meal in the college's formal dining hall, which mirrors the Great Hall used in Hogwarts. Students have access to a cosy common room, which provides a relaxing setting for chatting, watching a movie, or simply drinking a cup of tea (in true British style). While your classes may be on-campus, you will have plenty of reasons to leave the campus and experience the city.

Our exceptional subject tutors, who form the foundation of our summer courses, have years of experience teaching students at prestigious universities like Cambridge and Oxford using world-class teaching methodologies. Choose from more than 30 subjects in Oxford, popular courses include Creative Writing, Biology, and Art History.

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