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Are you fascinated by the amazing variety of human behaviour? Do you want to get to the heart of what it means to live in a society? Studying Sociology and Anthropology allows you to take apart ideas such as ‘normal’, to appreciate the complexity of human life. It will give you insight into how power is constructed and operates; how groups form and interact; and how societies have viewed themselves at different points in history. This is a course for the open-minded, the critical and the curious.

Oxford’s researchers are working at the forefront of these fields, addressing fundamental questions through the study of current and past societies. Working with them will sharpen your skills of analysis and open your eyes to the dynamics at play in all of our lives. Oxford also offers the unique resource of the Pitt Rivers Museum, a 19th century ethnographic collection of objects taken from peoples around the world, as engaging as it is contentious, that can offer insight into different peoples’ understandings of the world – not least the collectors.

From age 16 to 24, our Oxford Sociology and Anthropology summer courses are designed specifically to fit your level of experience.

photo (c) John Cairns

Why not mix it up a little?

Are you torn between two subjects, or undecided on which city to study in? The good news is that you can often combine two subjects, or even split your studies between different UK locations.


Join us this summer! Study Sociology and Anthropology in the following cities:

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