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Head office

Who are we?

Oxford Summer Courses was founded on friendship and family. We were established in 2010 by two friends, Harry and Rob, who studied at Oxford University together and we’re now one of the fastest growing companies in the UK (80th fastest as ranked by the Financial Times).

Join a team that is driven by the desire to share the magic of our university experiences (and the cities where we had them) with the wider world. Although we’re not part of the University, Oxford is where we started and it still sets our standards: both our rigorous approach to education and our unswerving commitment to finding the best tutors and settings.

This summer, we’ll welcome motivated students aged 9-24 from around the world to Oxford, Cambridge, and London. Join us as we find more exceptional educational opportunities and connect them to knowledge-hungry students.

Purpose beyond profit

Our goal is to share the exciting and excellent academic adventure that Oxford and other elite universities have to offer with the world.

Alongside our summer courses, we run Universify Education, a charity committed to addressing educational inequality. Our work was recognised by the Financial Times Future 100 for making a positive impact on society. Universify offers free access courses to encourage applications to top universities from students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

We channel our passion into making a positive impact on our surroundings whether that be our students, the wider community or the environment.

Our people

Today, with a head office team of over 30 members representing 12 different nationalities, it is clear that the company’s inclusive ethos is informed by these roots. We are located across Oxford, Cambridge, London, India, and China, and together we build global partnerships and oversee preparation for the busy summer months when a team of over 200 tutors and 250 on-course delivery staff join us to deliver our courses.

Together we strive to be a strong, supportive community, brought together by a common goal which is, to share the best educational experiences as widely as possible.

Our values and culture

We live and breathe these values across all levels of our organisation to ensure that our culture remains as genuine as the people in it. That is why we were on as one of the UK’s Top 25 SME Culture Leaders in 2018 by Real Business and Breathe and announced Queen’s Awards Winners for International Enterprise in 2020.

Our dedication to well-being is demonstrated by our competitive benefits package for permanent team members

Growth Mindset

We have a strong sense of adventure and are always willing to learn from our mistakes. We challenge our colleagues to reach their full potential and always strive towards pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone and into the learning zone.


We prioritise a healthy work-life balance and place wellbeing at the centre of everyday operations at the company. We look out for our colleagues, show care and consideration to one another, and are mindful of each other’s workloads.

Student Impact

Student experience lies at the heart of everything we do. We set high standards and act with the purpose of improving the life chances of young people who come on our summer courses.


We always support our colleagues and adopt a ‘say yes first’ approach to testing new ideas. Trust, empathy and friendship are at the centre of our workforce and we never play the blame game.


Test, improve, adapt – onwards and upwards!

Building Community

Across like-minded students, our tutor network, and healthy relationships in head office, all while creating a positive impact on society and the wider environment.

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