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Arts and Humanities

Journey through a fascinating history of art, culture and philosophy

Come with us on an academic journey as we make connections between subjects such as History, Philosophy and Art. During our arts and humanities summer school, we'll inspire and ignite your passion for these subjects over a 2 or 4 week course.

Led by an expert tutor you'll learn through small group seminars (no more than 8 students per class) whilst we get to grips with the philosophical concepts that have influenced History and their impact on development of the modern world.

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Arts and Humanities
13-15 YEARS | Cambridge
Arts and Humanities
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#Summer #Maximum class size of 15

Arts and Humanities Summer School

Develop your knowledge of arts and humanities through personalised learning and small group study

At Oxford Summer Courses, we use small group seminars and practical workshops, encouraging you to collaborate and interact, ensuring your academic knowledge can be applied in the real world.

We’ll help you develop your writing techniques and teach you to think critically and debate as we cover a broad range of idea, from the interaction between cultures and countries and the effect of ideas such as the renaissance on the structure of society.

Gain the skills and experience you need to excel with a unique, unparalleled learning experience.

Each week, you’ll be able to collaborate with leading academics mirroring the teaching method of the most respected educational establishments in the UK.

As current and past alumni of top universities in the world they’re highly specialised and passionate about their subject you’ll develop your academic career through interactive learning, independent study, seminars, and tutorials, depending on your age group.

Our established tutors are experts in their fields of study.

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