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What Makes London Such a Fantastic Place to Study?

When there are so many places to study abroad these days, what makes a city stand out? Perhaps it is the weather, the historical sights, or even the famous people who have studied there before. Cities across the UK offer much to international students, looking to gain the best of British education and culture. But what makes London so special?

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Studying in London

Firstly, London plays host to over 100,000 international students every year. This means that not only is the city multicultural, it is geared towards international students experiencing the best there is to offer. Many shops and restaurants offer a student discount with a valid student card, and many museums or cultural sites are free! London has one of the highest concentrations of elite universities, and 6 out of the 40 universities in London feature in the top 200 of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, while 15 rank in the top 500.

London is also a paradise for those who are looking to learn and expand their world view. The city boasts over 1,000 museums and galleries, and most of them are free! Beyond museums, there are over 120 different libraries in London, including the British Library which houses over 150 million books- with 3 million new items being added to the collection every year. Culture is also available from the number of cinemas, theatres, live music venues and street performers which populate every corner of the city. The West End of London hosts over 40 theatres, which doesn’t include the National Theatre, the astounding replica of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and the trendy Young Vic. Whether you love musicals, opera, ballet, controversial new dramas, or just want to dance all night, London has something for you.

But what about the shopping? Shopping is hard to avoid in London, simply due to the plethora of boutiques, beautiful department stores and funky markets across the city. Notable markets to explore include: Portobello Road Market in Notting Hill, Borough Market, Brick Lane Market, and Camden Market. Brick Lane is particularly good if you are looking for delicious Indian sweets, and Camden market is a great spot to find unique clothing and accessories!

That is not to say that you have to shop when you visit London- which is what makes it such a great student city. As mentioned before, many of the museums are free, but these are not the only attractions which you can enjoy without spending a penny! The Sky Garden, for example, is a beautiful spot which gives you panoramic views over the city. All you need to do is book a time to go up, and then the whole of London is yours to take in. Another good viewing spot is Primrose Hill- great for a picnic and a view. You could also go deer spotting in the beautiful Richmond Park, or watch the pelicans being fed every day at 2.30pm at St. James’s Park.

London is full of wonderful sights to see, is an excellent place to learn new skills, and boasts a wealth of history and culture. We hope you get a chance to explore the capital soon!

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London, a multicultural student hub, offers top universities and a vibrant cultural scene. With 1,000+ museums, 120 libraries, theaters, and markets, it's a paradise for learning and exploration. Enjoy free attractions like the Sky Garden and parks.

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