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Benefits of Oxford Summer Courses for 18-24 Year Olds

Interested in studying with us this summer but not too sure how one of our 18-24 summer courses could benefit you? Read on to learn about just a few of the ways our courses can help you to prepare for university, further study, careers and beyond!

Where are Oxford Summer Courses Hosted?

For ages 9-12, our junior summer courses are hosted at renowned boarding schools including Harrow School, Eton College, and St. John's Beaumont. For ages 13-24, our summer courses are hosted in Cambridge and Oxford University colleges. Apply now to secure your spot in one of our prestigious summer courses.

Help you to stand out when applying for university and/or jobs

If you’re applying to university either as an undergraduate or as a graduate, then showing the admissions team that you have spent your free time taking part in an academic summer school will show huge dedication to learning. Not only that, it will also show huge dedication to your chosen subject and will show that you really are committed to studying the subject in higher education, taking it to your career and beyond. 

For employers, attending an academic summer school won’t only prove your dedication to a particular subject field, but will also prove to them that you have a range of transferable skills. Our academic summer courses timetable-specific workshop sessions which are designed to help you master vital soft skills that will help you through university, the workplace and beyond. Whether you want to work on your communication, negotiation, debating, listening or more, our skill-building workshops will help you to achieve your goals and build your confidence before you enter the world of work, internships and more! 

Industry Insights

New for our 2020 courses! During your time with us, you’ll also be given the opportunity to attend a guest talk evening session during your course. It’s a chance to hear from an expert with years’ of industry experience and to ask them any questions which you may have about kick-starting your career and how to work your way up the ladder. 

Honest, insightful and engaging, these sessions may just give you the encouragement you need to get out there and chase your dream career!

Develop key skills

As already mentioned, attending a summer school is the perfect opportunity to develop key skills that will take you through your university years, into the workplace and beyond. 

Aside from skill development workshops that help you to master skills such as communication, listening and debating, summer courses also offer a whole host of other skill-building activities that you may not even know you’re working towards!

For example, when you’re joining you’re like-minded peers on an academic course, you’re already working on key networking skills. Use your time on the course to share advice, discuss current industry dilemmas and any potential internship or work experience opportunities you might be aware of. These connections you make now could just help you out in the future when you need it the most! 

For some, this may also be the first time you’ve stayed away from your family in a different continent, country or even city! It can be very daunting, but supported by our dedicated pastoral team and your course mates, it’s also the perfect opportunity to experience independent living away from home. Without knowing, you’ll have explored a brand new location in a historic city, resulting in a new-found confidence and maturity!

Prepare for further study and/or research

As our courses are open to students up to the age of 24, we understand that many of our students may have already completed their undergraduate degrees and may be looking to work towards further studies. Our Oxford and Cambridge academic courses offer a truly authentic educational experience that will help to prepare you for this further study or research projects. 

Our 1:1 or 2:1 tutorials will help you to begin thinking critically about your subject and encourage you to view it from a different perspective - sparking ideas for your further study and get you ahead on your discussions. They’ll share recommended further reading and resources that will get you kick-started on your next steps and deepen your understanding of your subject. Your tutorials are also an opportunity for your tutor to provide detailed feedback on your work, which will help you to improve your essay writing and more, helping you to excel in your next academic steps. 

In addition, your tutor will have already completed or may be working towards a research project or graduate qualifications and will be happy to share some insider information with you. Whether you’re looking for advice on how to apply for an Oxbridge graduate programme, or what further study qualifications they would recommend, they’ll be happy to help you get started on your next adventure!

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Our summer courses can benefit you by helping you stand out in university and job applications, providing industry insights through guest talks, developing key skills, preparing for further study, and offering 1:1 tutorials for critical thinking and feedback.

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