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Should I Attend An Engineering Summer Course in Year 12?

Are you interested in studying engineering at university? Or seen a course that sounds interesting? Perhaps you want to land that dream job in a specific engineering sector and you’re unsure of how to help get there. Well, have you considered taking part in an engineering summer course?

With exams in the horizon and university applications looming, year 12 could be the perfect time for you to immerse yourself in an intensive programme, designed to enrich your learning and excel you as an individual. 

What’s Included in an Oxford Summer Course?

Our tailored summer courses for ages 9-24 include all teaching and academic content, accommodation, meals (including Friday night formal dinners), a prize-giving ceremony, all-day trips and activities, airport transfers, access to Oxford Summer Courses Foundations, travel and medical insurance, and a welcome pack. Apply now to secure your spot in one of our comprehensive summer courses.

We’ve pulled together 15 reasons as to why participating in an engineering summer course may benefit you. They are:

  1. See if you enjoy engineering as a subject
  2. Discover which branch of engineering you may want to pursue
  3. Learn the latest methodologies
  4. Meet fellow engineers and network
  5. Learn from industry experts
  6. Improve your science and engineering grades
  7. Experience engineering at university
  8. Support your university application/CV
  9. Develop language skills
  10. Make new friends
  11. Pursue your passion for science, technology and mathematics
  12. Enjoy subject specific excursions
  13. Get a head start on future study
  14. Experience independence
  15. Have fun!

Let’s take a detailed look at them below:

1.  See if you enjoy engineering as a subject

Some schools don’t offer the opportunity for students to study engineering at secondary school, and if they do, it certainly won’t be the same as studying it at university level. University is very expensive and engineering especially, can be a very intensive subject, so it’s important that you get to know the subject before you apply for it. 

With summer schools lasting around two-to-six weeks, it is an ideal length of time for you to get introduced to your selected engineering course and see if it is for you. With plenty of teaching hours and independent study, you’ll immerse yourself in the subject for plenty of time to see if you enjoy it. 

2. Discover which branch of engineering you may want to pursue

There are several branches of engineering for students to choose from when applying for university; Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Management, and Geotechnical, and within each, there are a multitude of sub-branches for students to choose from. 

It’s hard to know which specific branch you may want to pursue in the future, so trialling one or two at a summer school in year 12 could really help your decision-making. Spend one-to-six weeks learning and working in that branch and you’ll soon discover if that type of engineering is right for you.

3. Meet fellow engineers and network

When you attend an engineering summer course in year 12, you will be joined by like-minded individuals who share the same passions and ambitions for the subject as you!

These peers may just become your new best friends, and will keep in touch with you throughout your life. When you study with Oxford Summer Courses, you will also be joining the Bridgemark Network, where you can keep in touch with your classmates - you never know, they may just become invaluable in your future endeavours! 

4. Learn from industry experts

If you have questions about engineering - whether you’re wondering if the subject is right for you, unsure what field of engineering you would be interested in pursuing, or even if you want to know what a day in the life of an engineer is, then a summer course is the perfect place to have them answered.

During your time on a summer course, you will learn from tutors who have the highest fountain of knowledge. Most tutors still work or research in their chosen field and can offer you invaluable insights into the subject outside of an educational context.

5. Improve your science and engineering grades

What better way to get ahead in your academic studies than to participate in an engineering summer course? 

Build on your mathematics and science skills, as well as problem-solving and analytical skills as you immerse yourself in at least two weeks of academic study. What better way to improve your school grades?

6. Support your university application/CV

Probably one of the most significant reasons as to why students may participate in an engineering summer course in year 12 is to enhance their university applications and/or CVs. 

Showing potential institutions and employers that you chose to spend your summer holidays further developing your knowledge around your chosen field in engineering shows a huge amount of dedication, passion and commitment to the subject. It will have your application glowing!

In addition, if you attend an engineering course with Oxford Summer Courses, then our tutors will write you a letter of recommendation which you can also add to your university applications.  

7. Develop language skills

If you choose to study abroad when you attend an engineering summer course, then it will be the perfect opportunity to develop your language skills. 

Most of the top employers and universities favour individuals who are multilingual, and immersing yourself in a new country and culture for a few weeks is the best way for you to get to grips with a new language!

8. Make new friends

When you decide to attend a residential summer school, you will be sharing the experience with lots of other students. The perfect opportunity to make a new circle of friends, you will meet equally enthusiastic learners from all-around the world. 

Not only will you be studying alongside your peers, but you will also have plenty of downtime outside of the classroom to hang out with others and get-to-know one another.

9. Pursue your passion for science, technology and mathematics

If you’re unsure if engineering is the subject for you, but you still have a passion for science, technology and mathematics, then you should definitely attend an engineering summer course!

Built on those core subjects, you will study each one in depth as you discover how it has influenced engineering as we know it today.

10. Enjoy subject specific excursions

If you participate in an engineering summer course in year 12, then it is highly likely that you will get to go on some extraordinary excursions.

For budding engineers, some of the exciting trips that Oxford Summer Courses has offered in the past are: trips to the Mini Factory, the architecturally astounding Tate Modern and Spinnaker Tower. 

Details of our other day trips can be found here.

11. Get a head start on future study

Get ahead of the game!

When you participate in a university summer school, you’ll be learning the same content and in the same style as current university students. That means, when you do go to start as an undergraduate, you will already have a great starting knowledge of the subject and what to expect during your first few weeks there.

12. Experience independence

When you participate in a summer course, it will most likely be your first experience of being away from home. It may also be the first time when you are trusted to operate machinery in the classroom that is used by engineers today. 

This will give you a taster into whether you enjoy living away from home, and whether you will want to apply to university in the coming year.

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