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Do I Gain Credits for Completing a Course with Oxford Summer Courses?

Dive into the world of academic credits and discover how your Oxford Summer Courses experience during the summer school may contribute towards your educational journey.

Exploring Academic Credits

  • Q: Do I gain credits at my school/university for completing a course with Oxford Summer Courses?
  • A: Our 18-24 summer school courses at Oxford Summer Courses have been recognised as credit-bearing for students studying in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and mainland Europe. We will support you with the relevant transcript to ensure your home university recognises your study with us at Oxford Summer Courses with the appropriate level of credit. You are advised to speak to your home university first to obtain their individual requirements as these vary between institutions.

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Understanding how your Oxford Summer Courses experience contributes to your academic journey is essential. Here's what you need to know:

Recognised Credit-Bearing Courses

Our 18-24 summer school courses at Oxford Summer Courses have received recognition as credit-bearing courses for students enrolled in institutions in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and mainland Europe.

Support with Transcripts

We're here to assist you in obtaining the relevant transcript that validates your study with Oxford Summer Courses. This ensures that your home university acknowledges your academic achievements with the appropriate level of credit.

Individual University Requirements

It's recommended to first consult with your home university to understand their specific requirements, as these may vary between institutions.

Next Step: Certificates of Achievement

Curious about the certificates you receive upon completing Oxford Summer Courses? Our next FAQ provides the information you need: What certificate do I gain by completing Oxford Summer Courses?


Embarking on an educational journey with Oxford Summer Courses not only enriches your knowledge but also contributes towards your academic progress. Our credit-bearing courses are recognised across various regions, ensuring that your efforts are duly acknowledged. Remember, each institution may have its unique requirements, so consulting with your home university is advised. Secure your spot today, and step into a summer of both learning and personal growth! Apply now for Oxford Summer Courses.

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Oxford Summer Courses provides credit-bearing courses recognised in multiple regions. Obtain transcripts to validate your study and consult your home university for individual requirements.

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