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Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford

Oxford Summer Courses is a specialist summer school that contracts with Lady Margaret Hall, among other colleges, at the University of Oxford for the use of their facilities, including accommodation. However, please note that Oxford Summer Courses has no formal connection with the University of Oxford.

Lady Margaret Hall

Embark on an exciting academic adventure with Oxford Summer Courses, your gateway to a unique summer school hosted in Oxford University's prestigious colleges, including the iconic Lady Margaret Hall. Located in the heart of the historic city, our programme seamlessly combines high-quality education with the freedom to explore your interests. It's important to note that while we use facilities from Oxford University colleges, we maintain an independent identity, free from formal ties with the University of Oxford. Each year, we assign students to different Oxford colleges, such as Lady Margaret Hall, providing a diverse and inclusive experience that allows every learner to follow their own path.

Room Options

Upon application, tailor your Oxford experience by selecting your preferred accommodation type—whether a private en-suite room or a standard room with shared facilities. Our commitment to inclusivity means that room allocations, subject to demand, are influenced by your choices. Secure your preferred accommodation option by booking early.

Staying at an Oxford College

Experience residing in the historic city of Oxford with Oxford Summer Courses. Accommodation options and facilities, unique to each college, offer choices such as single en-suite, standard, and twin rooms (subject to availability). You will study within the walls of the University of Oxford alongside learners from around the world, hosted in an Oxford college. Begin your day with breakfast in the college's formal dining hall, echoing Oxford's historic grandeur. Every Friday, indulge in a three-course meal, crafting shared experiences in the elegance of the formal dining hall.

The History of Lady Margaret Hall

Founded in 1878. As one of the first colleges in Oxford to admit women, Lady Margaret Hall boasts a rich history and impressive architecture that never fails to captivate our students. Throughout its history, Lady Margaret Hall has produced many notable alumni, including the former Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto, the journalist and author Martha Gellhorn, and the anthropologist Dame Mary Douglas. Its buildings are equally impressive, with the iconic Tower designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens and the chapel featuring stunning stained-glass windows by the artist Edward Burne-Jones.

How to Choose Your Room Type with Oxford Summer Courses

When selecting your room type for Oxford Summer Courses, follow these straightforward steps. Begin by visiting the application form, where you'll input your date of birth to view the available subjects. Once you've chosen your desired subject, navigate to the "Location and Room Type" section, where various options for your selected subject will be presented. Select your room type and proceed to fill out the remaining details before submitting your application. This simple process ensures that you secure a suitable room type for your Oxford Summer Courses experience.

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Oxford Summer Courses is an organisation which contracts with the colleges of the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge and London for the use of facilities, but which has no formal connection with the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge and London.
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