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Fast-track your career in medicine as you gain the knowledge, skills and professionalism needed to further your study with Oxford Summer Courses’ medical summer school.

Study medicine where it has been taught since the 1300s for an authentic experience of learning about the human body and scientific advances. Whether you're learning diagnostic skills like how to read chest x-rays or different communication skills needed to talk to a diverse range of patients.

Our medicine summer school will introduce you to the practical study through medical biology and anatomy, challenging you to consider ethical questions about the value of human life and the possibility of human enhancement.

Whether you’re looking for an enriching summer school to complement your studies, or a beginners’ course to introduce you to the basics, our medicine summer courses cover a wide range of levels and can be adapted to suit your knowledge and understanding.

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13-15 YEARS | Cambridge
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Medicine Summer School

From textbook biology to assessing patients in the real world, discover theoretical and practical skills that will equip you to achieve more on our medicine summer course.

Whatever you aspire to achieve with medicine – a career as a cardiologist, general practice doctor, surgeon or psychiatrist, you’ll gain a well-rounded medicine course from Oxford Summer Courses that will help you go further.

Our medicine summer school is taught by specialists in the field, so expect to be challenged and inspired. Students in the past have studied anatomy and physiology, exploring more interactive areas, as well as molecular biology which zoned in on advanced scientific techniques. For many students there are also opportunities to analyse advanced scientific papers looking at a range of fascinating topics from clinical techniques to lab-based research.

At the core of our teaching is the renowned tutorial method of learning, which has been setting the world's greatest universities apart for centuries.

Through taught sessions and weekly tutorials (16+) with experienced academic tutors, during your summer course we’ll cover a broad range of topics; from anatomy and physiology to molecular biology.

The perfect opportunity to learn about different cultures and practices, our international medical summer school brings together like-minded students from all over the world who share a passion for helping others and improving the human experience - a networking experience like no other!

Future careers in medicine could include healthcare, physiotherapy, medical technology or research in the field.

At the end of your course, you’ll receive a certificate and letter of recommendation from your tutor which can be used to support further study.

Learn the 'Oxford' way with tutorial teaching methods.

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