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Are you affiliated with the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge or any of their colleges?

No. We are not affiliated with any. Our founding Directors are both Oxford University graduates, and for our academic subject courses we use the college buildings and accommodation. For further information on our academic subject courses, please see our website.


Will I be taught by Oxford University teachers?

Our teachers come from many different places. Our language lessons are taught by teachers who are qualified (CELTA/ Trinity TESOL or equivalent) in teaching English as a foreign language and experienced in working with our age groups and levels of language skills. Our on-course staff are all experienced with English Language learners and their needs.


Are your on-course and teaching staff all native speakers?

Our on-course and teaching staff come from all over the world. We believe that it is good to have a mix of native and non-native speakers available to guide you. English is an international language, and you will use it to communicate with many different kinds of English speakers.


English Explorers, Key Skills, or IELTS- which course is best for me?

English Explorers: For 9-12 year olds only.

Key Skills: For 13-17 year olds who wish to improve their general English skills inside and outside the classroom.

Academic IELTS: for 16-17 and 18-24 year olds who intend to take the Academic IELTS exam in the near future and wish to prepare for the exam. Minimum level CEFR B1 (intermediate). For more information on CEFR levels, see the British Council’s website. Please also note that there are two types of IELTS exams, and we teach preparatory courses for the Academic IELTS exam, not the General exam. If you are not sure which one is best for you, please see the IELTS website for more information. Please also note that we are not a test centre and students enrolled on this course do not take the exam at the end.


What can I expect from the teaching time on your courses?

You can expect interactive, engaging classes with a strong focus on meaningful communication. We cover all four skills in our classes- reading, writing, listening and speaking, and we teach vocabulary and language functions. This method allows you to get straight to using English to communicate in meaningful and authentic conversations.

English Explorers- 9-10 and 11-12

What you can expect:

  • Placement assessment on the first Monday so we can put you into the right level class
  • 3.5 hour classroom session with two fifteen minute breaks on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings
  • 3.5 hour ‘Active English’ session with two fifteen minute breaks on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons

English Language- Key Skills 13-15 and 16-17

What you can expect:

  • Placement assessment on the first Monday so we can put you into the right level class
  • 3.5 hour classroom session with two fifteen minute breaks on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings
  • 3.5 hour ‘Active English’ session with two fifteen minute breaks  on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons


English Language- Academic IELTS 16-17 and 18-24

What you can expect:

  • Placement assessment on the first Monday so we can assess your learning needs
  • 3.5 hour classroom session with two fifteen minute breaks on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings
  • 3.5 hour classroom session with two fifteen minute breaks on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons
  • Fun activities every evening

Please note that we are NOT a test centre and the test is not included as part of the course. We can support you with advice on where and when to take the test if you wish do so do after your course. Tests need to be booked with a test centre in advance. Please contact our admissions team  if you need help or information. You can find more information about the IELTS exam on their website.


What does ‘Active English’ include? 

Active English is a themed activity session with English Language learning goals- it allows you to use your English out of the normal ‘classroom’ setting, in real situations. Here are some examples of Active English sessions:

  • Learn some new vocabulary and language for talking about food, and then cook some traditional British food using an English recipe, or host a cooking ‘TV show’.
  • Learn new language functions related to sports and rules, and then learn a British sport and play in teams, or invent a new sport and teach it to your classmates.
  • Focus on the language of storytelling, and share stories from your home country.
  • Build your vocabulary and language related to offering suggestions and negotiating, and play a problem-solving survival game with your team.


What will I do when I am not studying?

We have created a course that gives you lots of opportunities to have fun and socialise with your new friends. As well as organised fun activities every evening, there are day trips to places like London, Oxford and Blenheim Palace. At the weekends there can be visits to historic Oxford colleges, picnics in the park, and a chance to go punting on the River Thames. For 18+ year old students, there will be chances to experience Oxford nightlife and social spots, see live music and chat with real Oxford locals.


Do I gain credits at my school / university for completing Oxford Summer Courses

Our courses can gain you credit if our teaching model meets the credit requirements of your school or university and the curriculum that you are following there. Please check with your school or university.


Is there a minimum English level?

English Explorers/ Key Skills:

Our teachers  can support students of all abilities, and there is no minimum level to study English Explorers or Key Skills with us, but if you need a short term study visa to come to the UK, there may be English language requirements to obtain the visa. Please check with your local embassy if you need a visa to study in the UK.

Academic IELTS:

For IELTS courses, the minimum requirement is CEFR level B1 (intermediate).


What certificate do I gain by completing Oxford Summer Courses?

Your certificate will be issued by Oxford Summer Courses and will state your name, subject and course dates. It will be signed by the Directors of Oxford Summer Courses. You will also receive written feedback from your teacher. Some students use this as as a reference. These are not documents from Oxford University or any of their colleges.


Will I need a laptop/tablet to study? 

All 13+ students should bring a laptop or device if you have one (make sure that you bring the right charger and plug adapter). You may not always need it in class, however it may be useful for you if you wish to study further in your free time.

All students have access to a lockable space. Oxford Summer Courses does not provide laptops and is not responsible for the safety and security of your hardware.


Does Oxford Summer Courses offer scholarships or bursaries?

Unfortunately we do not offer any scholarships or bursaries for our UK courses.


I want to study more than one course. Is this possible?

Yes. For English Explorers, you may come for up to five weeks. For Key Skills and IELTS,  you can come for four weeks if you wish. Please book this in advance to avoid disappointment. If you wish to stay longer once you have started your programme, please contact the Admissions team. They will advise if there is space on another course.


Can I study two weeks English Language, and two weeks Academic subject?

Yes, this is possible. Most universities recommend a CEFR level B2 as a minimum requirement to study an academic subject in English, so we recommend this level. At any lower level of English, you may not get the best quality experience. For more information about the academic courses we offer, please see our website.


What is included in the price of the course?

For students in our juniors courses (9-12)

  • All teaching
  • Accommodation and all meals
  • A graduation ceremony
  • A graduation meal every Friday evening
  • All day trips and activities
  • Travel/medical insurance

For students aged 13-15 and 16-17

  • All teaching
  • Accommodation and all meals
  • A graduation meal every Friday evening
  • A graduation ceremony
  • All programmed visits and excursions
  • Travel/medical insurance

For students aged 18-24

  • All teaching
  • Accommodation and breakfast every day
  • All evening meals
  • A formal meal in a restaurant every Friday
  • A graduation ceremony
  • All programmed visits and excursions
  • Travel/medical insurance
  • Bus pass for travel between accommodation and the city

The prices of our courses do not include flights. There is a free airport transfer service to and from London Heathrow on arrival and departure days only, and with time restrictions. Please speak to the admissions team for more information.


Where will I go to on the day trips?

Trips may include London, Oxford, the royal residence of Windsor, the Royal Naval Dockyards in Portsmouth, the Roman city of Bath, or Blenheim Palace. The visit programme varies according to the date and age group of your course but we aim to give every student a varied and exciting cultural programme.  


How much spare time will I have?

There will be some ‘relax’ time every day for you to spend time with your new friends.

For the 9-12s we have a ‘ Restricted Screen Time’ policy. Our staff will put away the students’ personal electronic devices safely during the programme. Students can have access to them at set times during the day. We do this as we want our younger students to enjoy the programme- making new friends, taking part in activities and studying with great teachers- without the distraction of electronic devices. Secondly there are many benefits of less screen time including better sleep, improved concentration and more social interaction.

How long is the day?

The day will start between 7:00 and 8:00 on weekdays, and later on weekends.  Our younger students are in their bedrooms by 21.30- 22.30 at night. The daily programme is busy, and there is registration at least twice a day.  Our 18-24 year olds should expect to do some walking because lessons are not in the same place as the accommodation. There is also a regular bus service in the city.


When should I arrive? And leave?

Students must arrive on Sunday afternoons. The first scheduled event is in the evening. Rooms will not be available before 14:00 so please do not arrive before then.  On the last Saturday you will give back your room key by 10:00 and leave the site by 12:00. Your first meal will be on the Sunday evening of your arrival day, and your last meal with us will be breakfast on your departure day. We cannot accommodate students outside of their course dates.

What happens if I’m staying for more than one course?

Students staying with us for more than one course will have meals, accommodation and activities as usual. This includes transport between cities if courses are in different locations. On the Sunday, students will join the new course and meet their new course mates.


Must I stay in the accommodation?

Yes. Our English Language courses are residential; we do not provide non-residential options.


Will I be able to launder my clothes? 

There is a laundry service for students at Begbroke Hall once a week. For 18+ there are facilities available at your accommodation.


Can I stay in a room with my friend?

We will consider your request, but we can’t guarantee anything.  


Will there be internet access?

Yes – you’ll have access to WiFi networks.  Some of the accommodation is in old and historic buildings.  WiFi is always available, but the signal strength may vary.


How are meals organised?

For all English Language students aged 9-17 staying at Begbroke Hall, there will be breakfast, lunch and dinner served in the school dining hall, during set times each day. There are a variety of hot and cold options available for you to choose, and we cater for most dietary needs. On days where we are on a trip, we may take packed lunches or buy lunch and dinner on the trip.

For students aged 18-24, breakfast and dinner will be covered by your course fees. You pay for your own lunch- there are lots of places to choose from.


How much spending money will I need during a two-week course?

  • For 18-24 year olds we recommend that £300 will cover additional expenses, including lunches, souvenirs and free time
  • For 16-17 year olds, we recommend £250  
  • For 13-15 year olds, £200
  • 9-12 year olds will not need any more than £50 for a week

We do not limit what students can bring with them but 16+ ages will be expected to look after their own money.  For 9-12 ages our staff will keep their money safe.  13-15s will be given the choice.

You may want to consider a pre-paid debit card, such as Revolut. There are other pre-paid debit card options such as WeSwap and TransferWise. The International Student Identity Card can also be useful during your time in the UK, providing discounts in various places https://www.myisic.com/.  


Will you take my photograph? 

We will have trained staff on-site to record videos and photos during your stay. You can choose not to be photographed if you wish.


Can my parents stay with me?

There are suitable accommodation options in Oxford if parents want to stay nearby. Accommodation included in the programme is for the students only.


If my parents stay nearby, will I have time to see them? 

Yes, there will be occasional afternoons for you to see your parents, but this should be arranged beforehand so it doesn’t affect your studies. We ask that your parents contact the Course Director at least 48 hours in advance.


What should I bring with me? 

Our outline list is:

Documents (essential)

  • Your passport, which we will check and securely store when you arrive.
  • Travel documents including travel insurance and medical insurance if you have your own.


  • Enough suitable clothing: English weather can be hot or cold, wet or dry, even in the summer, so bring some warm and waterproof clothing.
  • A smarter outfit for graduations (we suggest trousers and a shirt, or a dress/skirt)
  • Sports clothing and trainers
  • Swimming kit (swimming trunks/costume) (9-12)
  • A bathrobe or dressing gown
  • A towel and toiletries (shampoo, toothbrush etc)
  • Indoor house shoes/slippers – not for use outside


  • A mobile phone
  • A laptop or tablet (13+year old students)
  • Any chargers you need
  • An adapter for UK plug sockets
  • A reading book

We will send you this information again before the start of your course.


Who are the on-course staff?

This is our fantastic team of people who are here to look after you and your well being, and make sure that you enjoy your course. The Course Director manages the site, and they have a team of leaders and helpers who will look after groups of students. They are all trained in safeguarding and working with young people, and they also have experience working with English Language learners.


Do you arrange visas?

We do not arrange visas, but we can give a supporting letter to help your application. Oxford Summer Courses is accredited by the British Accreditation Council as a short course provider, so please apply for a Short-term Study Visa. You must provide proof of the course you’re studying on official headed paper, stating the course’s name, duration and cost (including the accommodation element). Oxford Summer Courses will issue a visa support letter to you on receipt of your payment.

If you are under 18 you need to provide additional documents if:

  • You are travelling on your own
  • You are travelling with someone who isn’t your parent or guardian

Your parent or guardian needs to provide:

  • Written consent for you to travel to the UK, and
  • Full contact details

For full details please use the UK Visa Government website. Should you have any further queries please contact us.


Will I be covered by travel and medical insurance?

Travel insurance is included in the cost of the course. For further details on what this insurance covers, please speak to our admissions team.


If I have to cancel, will I get a refund?

The specific details can be found in our terms and conditions.


I have special requirements (medical, learning, dietary, accessibility). Can I still come?

We can cater for any dietary needs (religious or health).  After you have told us your dietary requirements, please note that changes can only be made for medical reasons.

All other requirements (learning, medical and access/mobility) are dealt with carefully on a case by case basis so please contact our admissions team and we will do everything we can to make your attendance possible.  

We will collect all essential details about you in an information form, sent to you before you join us on your course.  


What happens if I get sick during the course

We hope that you don’t get ill but sometimes it happens. If you do get ill, our staff will make sure that you can access medical services.  If you choose to end your course early because of an illness, we are unable to refund you the cost of your course. You may be insured for the course costs and/or any emergency travel through your travel insurance. Please check your travel insurance policy.


What measures do you take to care for the safety of all students?

We have strong policies around safety and risk and we have very clear processes around:

  • The way we accommodate our students
  • Training our tutors and pastoral teams
  • Our staff to student ratios

We have a team trained in child safeguarding and also in supporting the social and emotional needs of young people.  Our staff are DBS checked, which is the UK government safeguarding body.  We take safeguarding extremely seriously and recognise the responsibility we have to our students, staff and partners.  Please note that we will securely hold passports for the duration of their course, which is also necessary in case of a hospital admission.


How will you use my data?

Since the 25th May 2018 we — and our venue partners — have been compliant with a new UK Data Protection Bill based on the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

We ask you for information about you to help us process your application and to make sure that we can cater for your requirements.  We pass on relevant data such as dietary requirements, names and ages to our venue partners. We abide by UK and EU law when data is required by authorities, although this will be on a case by case basis.  

You must give consent for us to use your data in this way so that you can attend our courses.  We will not hold personal information about you beyond October of the year after you attend the course. You can also tell us not to use this information in which case we will delete your contact details.  

You can read more about data protection in our privacy policy.


Can you book my flights and airport transfers?

We don’t book flights for our students. We do offer an airport transfer service each way to all our UK locations from London Heathrow only.  This can be booked closer to your course start date. Please note that this service must be booked in advance,  and your arrival must be within a certain time on the day. 


I want my child to travel with an airline using their Unaccompanied Minors service – who will the airline hand my child over to?

All of our staff waiting at Heathrow Airport will carry proof of identity and an official letter from Oxford Summer Courses confirming their role in the collection of students arriving into the UK.  We will have a full manifest of all students we are to meet at the airport, and which of these are in the care of an airline. This is information which parents/guardians must provide to us when they make their request for our airport transfer service. If your airline requires a specifically named individual when you book their Unaccompanied Minors service, please give the following details to them:

Leigh Joslin


Oxford Summer Courses, 18 Beaumont Street, Oxford, OX1 2NA, United Kingdom

+44 (0)1865 818403


How do Airport Transfers work?


These are required for unaccompanied 9-12 year olds and are optional for all our other students.

You should aim to land at London Heathrow Airport between 8 a.m and 3 p.m UK time. For flights landing outside of these times we can only cater for under 18’s and there will be additional charges. All transfers must be arranged before your arrival day. You can book the Airport Transfer Service when you confirm your travel arrangements with us, up to 4 weeks before your course begins.


You should remember that all courses end at 10:00 and you need to leave the site by 12:00 of your final Saturday. Our departure service runs throughout the morning, so to avoid long waiting times at the airport, you should aim for a flight that departs between 09:00 and 18:00 UK time. For flights departing outside of these times we can only cater for under 18’s, and this must be by prior arrangement before you arrive on course (additional charges apply). If you wish to use the departure service you should book onto this when confirming your travel plans before your arrival onto the course.


When will I receive more details on the course? 

We will contact you with more information before the start of your course. This will include details of your accommodation and where to go on your first day.


How can I reserve my place? 

First, complete the application form.  Then, to make the payment and reserve your place, please follow the link in the offer email we will send out to you as part of your successful acceptance onto the programme.

Through our Flywire payment system, we accept most local method of payments including all major credit cards and bank transfers.  Alternatively, you can make a payment on the phone by calling us directly +44 (0)1865 818 403.

If you’d like to pay by direct bank transfer, please contact us at info@oxfordsummercourses.com and we can send instructions.

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