London is one of the world’s leading financial centres, and has been a hub for trade and business since the middle ages. With a stock market that is home to some of the world’s biggest companies what better place to learn about the global financial system?

The course

You’ll explore an industry at the heart of the global economy: the financial services sector. But, it’s not all champagne and late night client entertaining; the modern financial services sector provides solutions to many of the most pressing issues facing society today.

Want to make the most of your savings? You’ll need to understand the financial products that will give you the biggest returns. Want to grow a business from scratch? You’ll need the capital to support it. Want to have good public infrastructure? You’ll need to find investors to finance it.

You’ll scope out the different ways in which the financial services sector underpins our most valued modern activities. By analysing these issues, you’ll learn to apply your mind to complex problems through the lens of different sorts of financial product.

Working together, you and your team will use this knowledge to design a new financial product aimed at solving a problem of your choosing and present it to a panel of industry experts.

Project based learning

At Oxford Summer Courses we are committed to giving you the best academic experiences to support and advance your understanding and skills within your field of study. Our tutors are all at the top of their field and, for our courses in London, they use a project-based learning method of teaching. This method means that you will have hands-on experience to investigate and engage with your subject, while actively exploring a topic and responding to key issues and questions related to this area. With the support of your tutor, fellow students and industry experts you will begin your journey to become an expert in your field.

Your future

You’ll expand your knowledge of the academic study of Finance and Business, learn how it is used in the real world and get an insight into how the financial system and the banks and bankers that work. You’ll also develop the skills and knowledge for your future dream careers as a captain of industry.

Course Lead

George Currie

Having left St. Hugh's College, Oxford in 2010, George is now studying for a PhD in Political Economy at King's College London and has worked on national economic issues with one of Britain's leading think tanks, Policy Exchange. George has a particular interest in the new field of happiness economics.

Course Location

Learn how the city of London funds the world

Take this course and you'll see how the City of London has been at the heart of global business, trade and finance for centuries.

You'll visit the Bank of England and understand how central banks fund and interact with investment banks and the wider economy.

You'll also visit companies that use this funding to grow and finance their operations, with visits to start-ups all the way through to more developed corporations, you'll understand how finance helps to grow businesses and create wealth and jobs.

Course Experts

JACK PAILING: Director - Colebrooke Partners

After graduating from Oxford University with a degree in Modern History Jack moved into the world of financial Law with King Wood & Mallesons before moving into the world of finance at the investment bank Macquarie.

Jack is now a director of Colebrooke Partners, a boutique family investment fund which invests in high quality businesses at attractive prices, Jack applies rigorous commercial and financial analysis to help him determine which high potential companies to invest in.

CHRIS PERCY: Freelance Strategy Advisor and Artificial Intelligence Expert

Chris is a strategy consultant, specialising in long-term impact and data. His AI work focuses on supervised machine learning and knowledge extraction, and he has presented at multiple conferences, featuring alongside experts from organisations like Facebook AI Research and Google DeepMind. A long-term client is software start-up BetBuddy Analytics, for which he led on data science strategy from its founding in 2011 -when data science was barely a buzzword- through to its acquisition in 2017 by a FTSE-250 company. Other clients span a range of sectors, from the World Bank and Governments, through to private equity houses and universities, as well as charities like Cancer Research UK and the Careers & Enterprise Company.

Prices and Dates

2 week courses: £4,195

  • 1st July to 14th July 2018 - London (15-17 year olds)
  • 15th July to 28th July 2018 - London (15-17 year olds)

4 week courses: £7,895

  • 1st July to 28th July 2018 - London (15-17 year olds)

Included in the price is:

  • All teaching, including tutorials and small group seminars
  • Accommodation, breakfast and evening meals every day
  • All activities and excursions

The price does not include flights/travel or medical insurance.