The human brain is the most sophisticated machine available to us

With the help of continued technological advancement, we are slowly unravelling its workings though the field of Neuroscience. During this course, you will come to understand the structure and the potential of our brains; focusing on the neurons the building blocks of this complex machine and more complex functions which dictate how we live and function on a day to day basis.

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Through taught sessions and weekly 1:1 or 2:1 tutorials (16+) with experienced academic tutors, we’ll explore the nervous system, behavioural traits, circuits and systems, sensory functions, cognition and development from a logical and emotional perspective. 

Explore past neurological research and findings and develop new pathways to excel in the field tomorrow, with your finger firmly on the pulse of new discoveries and advances. A future career in Neuroscience could include Clinical Science, Biotechnology, Research, Neuropsychology and Psychiatry. At the end of you course, you’ll receive a certificate and letter of recommendation from your tutor.

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