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Medicine in Cambridge

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Asked to name one of the UK’s biggest exports, what would you say? Manufacturing? Automobiles, perhaps? Well, unbeknown to many, medical research is among the UK’s top five. And Cambridge has long been at the centre of medical innovation, boasting countless Nobel Prize winners among its alumni – including Sir John Gurdon’s recent work on stem cells.

Crick and Watson also made their famous breakthrough in discovering the molecular structure of DNA at the city’s university. Meanwhile, the famous ‘Cambridge Cluster’ is a group of biotech firms that are leading the sector and making the city a global force. So, this Cambridge Summer course in medicine puts you in the shoes of some of the biggest innovators in the vast field of medicine.

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13-15 YEARS | Cambridge
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Alexandra, Greece

"The course gave me an insight into how to make arguments in support of or against certain positions which is useful in Law and the tutor assisted me in how to structure these arguments."

Alexandra , USA

"The best thing about the Medicine course was the interactivity of the lectures. My tutor was really interested in the subject, so I always felt like I could go up to her and ask her questions, whether they were about what we were learning or about other areas of biotechnology."

Allysa, USA

"The teachers are very inclusive as the teaching groups are small. It is also refreshing to see everyone in the class as passionate as I am."

Brenda, Angola

"The best thing about the course is that it helped me realise what I want to study in the future thanks to the essays and tutorials. The teaching experience was really rich due to the small class sizes, and it allowed me to see what my university teaching experience would be like."

Jackie, The Netherlands

"After two weeks of engaging seminars and tutorials I am starting to learn more about myself and the subject of medicine."

Anala, India

"My tutor, Dr. Saroj Velamakanni, was very enthusiastic in his manner of teaching. He was also flexible with the topics and blended them to our areas of interest. The assignments were very helpful in learning to perform literature survey and developing scientific writing and presentation skills."

Chloe, Philippines

"Meeting different kinds of people in Oxford Summer Courses, and actually finding the familiarity of home in each and everyone made realise that I could have a future outside my home country."

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