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Technology Explorers

What would you prefer: hearing how important engineering and programming are, or getting stuck in and finding out for yourself? (We thought so).
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Equip yourself with the skills you need to fast track your career in technology, in the most fun way possible. Join us on our Technology Explorers course and learn the basics of programming and electronics, design or modelling, and more. We’ll also discuss engineering and look at the many different ways we can solve obstacles.

Teaching methodology

Our teaching for 11-12-year-old students is focused on interactive and task-based learning. You will be taught by experienced primary teachers, who are there to inspire and engage you with the subjects they are passionate about. Our courses run over a week, and during this time you will develop your subject knowledge through multimedia presentations, group work, games, problem-solving, and project work with a meaningful real-life focus. This teaching style has an increased focus on age-appropriate content and offers more opportunities for independent group work than our 9-10 courses.

The experience

At Oxford Summer Courses, we believe in balancing hard work with exciting excursions. We know what trips will inspire students and keep their young minds active and entertained, so whether we’re trekking around Windsor Castle, exploring the epic Blenheim Palace, or marvelling at the spectacular artefacts in London's best kept museums, we’re always pushing the envelope of discovery and wonder.

This immersive learning experience will begin your child's educational journey towards success and help them gain the experience of British boarding school life. And of course, it's loads of fun.

Typical outings

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Warwick Castle

Let your imagination roar with history, magic, myth and adventure in the age of gallant dragon-slaying knights. And discover dark dungeons and watch birds of prey soar at one of England’s finest mediaeval castles.

Tower of London

The Crown Jewels, Beefeaters, and over 1,000 years of history – explore this iconic ancient fortress and castle, walk along the mighty river Thames and discover vibrant Brick Lane.

Harry Potter Studios Tour

Head for Hogwarts, walk the cobbles of Diagon Alley, visit the Ministry of Magic and discover how the Harry Potter films were brought to life as you enter the world of Harry, Hermione and Ron.


Let us show you around our home town. We’ll visit lots of fascinating museums, take a punt down the river, explore Oxford Castle, and uncover all the best bits of this classic English city.


Auguste, Hong Kong

"When I did tech, it was actually really really fun, we had groups and we made remixes and websites and games, and it was really fun learning how to do everything."

Stay in Oxford Juniors

Experience the unique opportunity to live and learn in one of the UK’s most prestigious boarding facilities at Dragon School, set in the inspiring city of Oxford. Nestled close to the thriving suburb of Summertown, just a short walk north of the city centre, it’s surrounded by lush greenery and secure accommodation buildings – the perfect destination for an exciting summer adventure.

Students will be staying in secure dormitories in the Boarding Houses close to the main school buildings. Each House has space for play, quiet relaxation and for sharing TV and DVD viewing. Bedrooms are cosy, shared amongst course mates, with staff available 24/7 in the corridors nearby.

All meals will be provided for students in the school's Dining Room, which is just steps from their boarding house. There are hot and cold options to choose from, offering something for every student. On Friday evenings, students will be treated to a graduation meal to celebrate their achievements from the week.


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Stuart Forsyth

Stuart specialises in Computer Science, Programming, AI and Robotics. Prior to becoming a teacher, Stuart worked as a programmer and business systems analyst in the banking industry. He's published two research papers and is starting his own business to mark short answer exam questions using the AI that he invented. He has also been involved in research into platforms to use for robotics in secondary education. One day he would love to take a doctorate in natural language processing and AI.

Luke Bromley

Luke has enjoyed maths and the sciences all through his academic career, and, as a result, he was appointed the Physics Subject Ambassador at the Royal Grammar School. He's mentored and tutored a number of students since then. Outside of academics, Luke likes to follow his passion by taking part in his University's version of Robot Wars, where his team have built a number of fighting robots to take part in the competition.

Matthew Needham

Matthew is a year 3 primary school teacher. He recently completed a three-year Primary Education degree at the University of Gloucestershire. He's always had a great passion and is always excited in trying new, innovative ideas and activities to share with children. Matthew's passion for learning is something he is excited to pass on to his pupils.

Rhys Goodwin

Rhys is a newly qualified primary school teacher. He's always had a love for teaching and being able to share his knowledge and experiences with children, also leading him to obtain is Football Association teaching qualification. Additionally, Rhys is interested in keeping up-to date with global affairs and travelling to different countries around Europe.

Ryota Sakai

During his master's, Ryota has worked on projects related to AI such as vehicle detection, image generation and personality prediction. He uses python 3 and C as my main programming languages but is also comfortable with JavaScript, Java and Dart. He's made numerous websites and apps and is looking forward to sharing my knowledge with his students.

Dates & Prices

9 Jul - 15 Jul 2023

Standard (shared bathroom)



16 Jul - 22 Jul 2023

Standard (shared bathroom)



23 Jul - 29 Jul 2023

Standard (shared bathroom)



30 Jul - 5 Aug 2023

Standard (shared bathroom)



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