Study who we are, how we live and the ways we interact with our environments and each other for a bigger picture view on life

Life moves fast. And every day we’re changing, individually and as a society. It’s only when we stop and look back that we realise the developments and progress we’ve made. Study Sociology & Anthropology with us and we’ll pause for a moment to mark just how far we’ve come.

We’ll explore how we’ve evolved as a species, how cultures develop and diversify and how environmental, economic and social conditions influence the characteristics and behaviour of people all over the world. And talking of the world, we’ll also look at how globalisation has changed the way cultures move forwards.

Reap the rewards of interactive learning plus individual study with our unique mix of solo and collaborative sessions for a truly engaging, immersive experience.

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From population density to gender equality, explore all the areas that make us human

Everything we’ve experienced, everywhere we’ve been and every relationship we’ve ever had shapes who we are and how we act. We’re all unique, with different paths, traits, needs and desires. Yet we still have to co-exist, under the same sky and each day we all have the same amount of hours ahead of us to live our lives.

If that’s already got you thinking about the unique possibilities of the universe and how we exist as human beings, then our Sociology & Anthropology course will be right up your street.

We’ll explore a range of thought-provoking topics from human origins and social structures to sexuality, globalisation and law and order. It’s a fascinating course that will help you to look beyond what’s on the surface and closely observe and analyse modern societies across the world for an insightful study of our very essence and being.

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