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Law in Oxford

Oxford: shaping the best legal minds for millennia…

Not only is British law highly respected and influential around the world, but some of the best legal minds came out of Oxford. From William Blackstone to the recent head of the Supreme Court, Lord Hoffmann, Oxford’s law students are well-known for going onto great things.

But what is the law? A complicated but nonetheless important question – and one that you’ll start debating from day one. During this Oxford summer course some of the UK’s best tutors will introduce you to different case studies, theories and principles that have shaped today’s legal systems around the world. As law is such a varied subject, you’ll come away with a clearer understanding of the areas that interest you most.

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Andy, Germany

"The time I spent at Oxford Summer Courses was unforgettable, which sparked my strong interest in studying law and made me fall in love with Oxford. There were only two students in the law-learning class, and our tutor was a professional with extensive experience in the legal field."

Ethan, Singapore

"After finishing the course, I feel as if have not only learnt more about law but also understand how our modern-day society is able to function in the way it does. As the rules that keep life in order and punish wrong doers using justice, as I learnt in my first class, law is used every day and is crucial in our lives."

Maya, United Kingdom

"The style of teaching at Oxford has been a massive change to what I am used to as I go to a school where the classes consist of 30-35 students and it can be taught to focus or understand the teacher’s explanations. Being in a small class has benefited me, as I am closer with the teacher and the class tends to have better debates."

Amira, UAE

"The course that I took was law and it allowed me to gain perspective on the career path that I want to take and cleared up several questions that I had."

Nairo, Japan

"I really enjoyed it because my tutor had a lot of experience in the field and all the seminars were very intriguing."

Alexis, United Kingdom

"The course was specially adapted to what we wanted to learn about, taught by such a knowledgeable expert in the field, with very well facilitated discussions with other eager students."

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