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Over 6,000 students from around the world have attended Oxford Summer Courses.

At the end of each course, we ask our students to fill out a short questionnaire about their experience. Here, we've compiled some of the glowing reviews from our students over recent years.

Vivien, 9-12, Medicine Explorers, China

"I was nervous about whether I would miss home or if I would have any problems here, but actually I didn’t because I have a lot of friends which are just like my family and I’ve also improved my English. I have no problems here- because I have a lot of fun, I almost forget to contact my parents!"

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Aarupi, 9-12, Law Explorers, United Kingdom

"I’ve enjoyed the company of having a roommate and that you make so many new friends and you just get to meet new people and that’s fun."

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Joie, 9-12, Story Explorers, Philippines

"The subjects were surprisingly more than enjoyable and I absorbed a profusion of information."

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Diana, English Literature and Creative Writing, Russia

"Thank you for your support and your help, thank you for being thoughtful of every single student. You gave me a chance to meet new people whom became my friends. You made me more responsible, more self-confident…you made me happier. I've been to loads of summer camps all over the world, Oxford Summer Courses is something I've never experienced before."

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Ethan, Law, Singapore

"While heavily loaded with much information, the benefits of what I was able to learn will really help with my life outside of Oxford. With my new-found knowledge, many new windows of opportunity will be opened."

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Anika, International Relations and Politics, Australia

"My time at Oxford Summer Courses has been nothing short of extraordinary. I have honestly had one of the best experiences of my life here."

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Mayaan, International Relations and Politics, USA

"Choosing to come to Oxford Summer Courses has been an amazing experience. The course is about making friends, developing as a person, and learning as much as you can in 2-4 weeks at one of the best environments you can be in. Everyone is accepting and has such a great mindset. The course is filled with fun activities and you will never be bored."

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Uzair, Maths, Pakistan

"I chose to come to Oxford Summer Courses because I was looking at many different ones when I came across [it] and it seemed like it would be a really welcoming environment as well as a good place to strengthen my knowledge, and surely enough, it has been. I am so happy that I picked this course over any others and I truly feel that this was a once in a lifetime experience."

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Valerie, Innovation and Technology, Canada

"My course was really in-depth and engaging. I found that having a smaller class size helped me participate more and I got more one on one time with my tutor, making it easier to ask questions."

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Christian, Computer Science, Romania

"The classes have simply amazed me and the tutor has guided us every step of the way, focusing on our interests, but also developing our critical thinking by encouraging us to support our views and finding arguments to do so."

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Ellen, International Development, Sweden

"Going somewhere on my own for two weeks without knowing anyone was nerve-wracking. Instead of the friendless two weeks that I had anxiously envisioned in my mind, I made, from the very start of the course, numerous great friends, all from different backgrounds, friendly, and deeply interested in their classes."

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Juan, Guatemala, Mechanical Engineering

"Classes were so in-depth, I felt that I was able to understand what the course might be like at university. My tutor was so understanding and helpful, and made sure to give me lots of individual attention. Having such a knowledgeable tutor paying attention to you like this was so rewarding, and I learnt a huge amount. The programme helped me to make lots of friends from around the world. I would definitely recommend it, from what I’ve heard it is the most professional course at Oxford."

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Anna, Politics, Denmark

"The seminars with my tutor were challenging and opened my eyes to new aspects of politics. Studying political theories with classmates from different countries with different systems exposed me to new angles, which has deepened my understanding of the subject. I also improved my ability to defend my arguments and thought process by discussing my essays during the tutorials. The entire experience made me certain that I want to pursue a degree in politics. The social aspect was also phenomenal; I met people from different parts of the world, learnt about their cultures, and formed lasting friendships."

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Aryaman, Chemistry, India

"The academics, the activities and interacting with students from different parts of the world made me think differently about life. I am an introvert, but interacting with different students helped me become a different person. When I told my parents that I wanted to go to Oxford Summer Courses, even they looked forward to it as they knew that this course would help me develop different skills and the course didn’t fail to do so."

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Nairo, Japan, Law

"I chose Oxford Summer Courses because of the variety in the activities you do. You have days when you study, when you do fun activities, when you do a tour around the UK, when you rest, and I liked how you get to enjoy the experience in the UK as much as possible whilst also studying."

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Sulézia, Leadership, Angola

"I came here cause I wanted to be challenged and [my tutor] did challenge me. She didn't give any answer as much as she gave me the tools to find it myself. Every class was challenging and because we were such a diverse group of students, even though there was only 7 of us, I got to see every subject from very different perspectives. At the end, I can say this experience was not only beneficial but also fun and I would come back next summer for more."

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Miguel, Politics, Mexico

"Tutorials were my favourite part of my time at Oxford as the high-pressure teaching dynamic really drove me to give more and fully explore the subject."

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Gabriela, Neuroscience, Mexico

"Oxford Summer Courses offered what I was looking for. I wanted to study two specific subjects; I also wanted to experience a different teaching method; and I was also looking for that balance between social and academic activities."

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Su, Mathematics, South Korea

"My tutor's explanations were unambiguous, clean-cut, and rigorous, and made clear the intuitive motivations behind the beautiful mathematical proofs presented; this made tutorials much more informative than reading a textbook on my own. Being taught by world-class academics comes with great benefits."

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Ximena, Creative Writing, Mexico

"My tutor taught in a way that made me easily jump out of my comfort zone and made me give my best work at class. Also, she was open to suggestions about other material we would like to see and study."

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