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Oxford Summer Courses Reviews

Discover Reviews of Past Students from Oxford Summer Courses

Take a glimpse into the experiences of former students at Oxford Summer Courses, and discover the transformative experiences that have shaped their academic pursuits and personal growth. From ages 9-12 to the 16-24 age bracket, our summer school reviews showcase the diverse perspectives of our global community. Whether it's igniting curiosity, forming lasting connections, or empowering individual journeys, these testimonials provide a vibrant picture of the Oxford Summer Courses experience. Ready to experience the summer of a lifetime? Apply now and embark on a transformative journey with Oxford Summer Courses.

Summer School Reviews for Ages 9-12

Igniting Curiosity, Fostering Community: For our youngest learners aged 9-12, Oxford Summer Courses serves as a gateway to a world of discovery. Dive into testimonials that vividly capture the joy and excitement these students found in interactive learning tailored for their age group. Beyond academics, these narratives shine a light on the supportive and caring community that defines the Oxford Summer Courses experience.


1 / 5

Aarupi, United Kingdom

"I've enjoyed having a roommate during the summer school at Oxford Summer Courses and the opportunity to make so many new friends. It's great to meet new people, and it's a lot of fun."

Auguste, Hong Kong

"When I participated in Oxford Summer Courses tech-focused summer school, it was actually really fun. We had groups and worked on creating remixes, websites, and games. It was an enjoyable experience learning how to do everything."

Bruce, Malaysia

"We’ve done our business plans for our future enterprises at Oxford Summer Courses. My summer school project is to sell wind turbines and solar panels to bigger companies. It has been a valuable experience learning about business strategies and developing plans for my entrepreneurial endeavours."

Joie, Philippines

"The subjects were surprisingly more than enjoyable and I absorbed a profusion of information."

Summer, New Zealand

"I like my course, business and entrepreneurship, because I can learn many things there and the teacher can be more focused in teaching me since there are only six students."

Summer School Reviews for Ages 13-15

Nurturing Passions, Forming Connections: As students transition to their teenage years, our approach evolves to cater to their burgeoning interests. Hear firsthand from students aged 13-15 as they share insights into how our courses ignite their passions. From exhilarating academic pursuits to forming lasting global connections built on respect and inclusivity, these testimonials paint a vibrant picture of the Oxford Summer Courses experience.


1 / 6

Ethan, Singapore

"After finishing the course at Oxford Summer Courses, I feel as if I have not only learned more about law but also understand how our modern-day society is able to function in the way it does. As the rules that keep life in order and punish wrongdoers using justice, as I learnt in my first class, law is used every day and is crucial in our lives."

Mark, Sweden

"It has been a very fun experience, and I have very much enjoyed the classes, which felt more real than they do in school; I learned a lot from it! My favourite part of the course was the physics, especially the equations, and the challenge of figuring them out."

Oscar, Germany

"The tutorials were the best part, since our tutor gave us individual feedback about the parts that needed to be improved and gave us valuable suggestions about our essay."

Pablo, Spain

"My experience at Oxford summer courses was unforgettable, especially the international relations and politics which is the course that I chose. During these 2 weeks I passed a great moment chatting and of course learning with other people some really interesting subjects."

Uzair, Pakistan

"I am so happy that I picked this course over any others and I truly feel that this was a once in a lifetime experience."

Valerie, Canada

"My course was really in-depth and engaging. I found that having a smaller class size helped me participate more and I got more one on one time with my tutor, making it easier to ask questions."

Summer School Reviews for Ages 16-24

Empowering Journeys: Explore standout quotes and anecdotes that exemplify the movement-oriented, empowering, and enthusiastic spirit within the 16-24 age bracket. These stories narrate a journey of personal growth, academic exploration, and the empowering feeling of charting one's path.


1 / 6

Aayushi, India

"I love how practical the course is at Oxford Summer Courses. Our tutors supported and guided us throughout the summer school and really helped us build businesses from scratch."

Alejandro, Spain

"I loved having people from different cultural backgrounds in my Oxford Summer Courses summer school course—they brought experiences to the conversation that I had never encountered before."

Anika, Australia

"My time at Oxford Summer Courses summer school has been nothing short of extraordinary. I have honestly had one of the best experiences of my life here at Oxford Summer Courses."

Sofya, Russia

"This course is all I could wish for it to be and more. Not only the course I took, but also the freedom of my schedule and the approachability of all the student leaders have contributed equally to making these two weeks absolutely unforgettable."

Valentina, Italy

"I attended the English Literature course and have fully adored every single moment. My teacher has been such an inspiration to me, he has helped me expand my horizons and explore complex ideas and feelings through the use of words."

Ximena, Mexico

"My tutor was open to suggestions about other material we would like to see and study, like poetry!"

Oxford Summer Courses Video Testimonials

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Summer School Facebook Reviews

Dive into Our Global Community: Explore the vibrant world of Oxford Summer Courses through the lens of our Facebook community. With an impressive score of 4.8 out of 5, these reviews capture the diverse voices of our global community. Celebrate individual journeys, shared joys, and heart-warming anecdotes. Join the conversation, share your story, and become a valued member of our thriving community.

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Summer School Trustpilot Rating

Trusted Perspectives: Delve into the trusted perspectives of our students on TrustPilot, where Oxford Summer Courses proudly boasts a score of 4.7 out of 5. These reviews encapsulate the essence of our inclusive and empowering approach to learning. Discover first-hand accounts of transformative and enriching educational journeys. From shared triumphs to individual growth stories, our students' reflections on TrustPilot showcase the meaningful impact of our commitment to providing an exceptional and inclusive educational experience for all.

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