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Business and Entrepreneurship in Oxford

See yourself among the big names of business?

Oxford has produced hundreds of business leaders and innovative entrepreneurs and you could be a part of this exciting environment. The world-leading Said Business School provides a home for researchers who are influencing business trends and policy on an international scale, playing a part in the way we all consume today.

In the heart of a city where the future is built in buildings steeped in the past, you'll have the chance to learn from a history of business theory to create and develop your own ideas that may shape society for years to come. You receive guidance from experts in the practical design and running of businesses, but who can also step back and analyse trends and concepts. Start your career here.

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Business and Entrepreneurship
13-15 YEARS | Oxford
Business and Entrepreneurship
FROM £5895
#Summer #Maximum class size of 15


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Krisha, India

"We were taught about business: what is it? how can we set up our own businesses? How can we successfully one day become leading entrepreneurs? Our classes were very engaging and informative. We did lots of case studies which helped us understand better."

Summer, New Zealand

"I like my course, business and entrepreneurship, because I can learn many things there and the teacher can be more focused in teaching me since there are only six students."

Mitko, Macedonia

"The teaching is done so well here. I really like that my tutor broke down complicated issues into smaller subjects that we then discussed in-depth."

Alejandro, Spain

"I loved having people from different cultural backgrounds in my course-- they brought experiences to the conversation that I had never encountered before."

Muhammad, Pakistan

"My tutor, Daniel Kaute, was not only witty and engaging, but also took the time to make sure we are applying our own skills to the work we are doing."

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