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6 Things You'll Learn On a 2-Week Medicine Summer Course

Unsurprisingly, the universities of Oxford and Cambridge have, for many years, been recognised amongst the top three institutions to study Medicine in the world. Their intensive learning models and expert educators are just some of the reasons why thousands submit applications each year, with only a small proportion of those gaining places on courses. 

For prospective students thinking of branching into a career of Medicine, our 2-week summer courses give you the opportunity to experience life as an undergraduate at these prestigious universities, where you will immerse yourself in a rigorous academic and cultural timetable. 

There’s so much to gain from a Medicine summer school - not least the opportunity to expand your knowledge and Medical vocabulary - and students of all ages can learn some critical things during their time with us. 

Take a look at 6 of the most advantageous things you will learn and discover during one of our 2-week Medicine summer courses, available for students aged 13-24 years-old. 

For Students Aged 13-15

Introduction to Medical Concepts

For most students aged 13-15 who attend one of our Medicine summer courses, it’s often the first experience they have with the subject. As such, these courses are designed to introduce you to the underlying principles of Medicine and common ailments, including the ethics and values that come with the medical treatments that are used to treat common illnesses.

Building on the scientific knowledge you have gained from school in subjects like Biology and Chemistry, you will learn about common illnesses and immunology, and how they develop and behave within the human body. 

Throughout your sessions, you’ll also cover basic diagnosis, thinking about how people interact with doctors and healthcare workers, and what types of questions and examinations are often carried out to learn more about illness and ailments. 

Expand Your Horizons

The years you spend in secondary school and high school are arguably some of the most important in your life. It’s the time you make those all-important decisions about which GCSEs and A-Levels you wish to pursue in the future, which is usually guided by your dream career path. 

Taking the opportunity to expand your horizons beyond school and experiment with university-style learning in a medical summer school is what makes these programmes so enriching for students aged 13-15. You’ll have the opportunity to learn the foundations of the subject in a real university setting, getting a taster of whether you may want to pursue a career in Medicine in the future.

For Students Aged 16-17

Extended Foundation of Knowledge 

Summer camps for high school students interested in Medicine offer an opportunity to ground and extend their knowledge of medical concepts, treatments, and surgery. 

Medicine summer courses for students aged 16-17 often cover basic terminology for mainstream treatments and surgery, and will explore the ethics and values of treating patients, procedures, and patient wishes. Like our courses for 13-15 students, summer school is often the first time many 16 and 17-year-old students have pursued their interest in Medicine, so your tutor will also cover basic concepts and fundamentals, should you wish to. 

During your Medicine summer courses, you will be asked to complete two independent essays or problem sheets, which will help you to ground your foundation of knowledge and explore new ideas. Your work will be dissected during thought-provoking tutorials with tutor and possibly one other student, helping you to learn new perspectives on Medical ethics and treatments, and further deepen your understanding of topics. All of this will help ensure you leave your course with the most advanced knowledge possible for your next steps. 

Upon finishing your course, you’ll have a much deeper understanding of the medical field and the types of treatments and procedures carried out, as well as an advanced understanding of the ethics behind medical practices in different cultures. 

Gain Advanced Pre-University Insights into Medicine

As mentioned above, for students aged 16 and over attending a Medicine summer school, they will have the opportunity to participate in one-to-one tutorials with their tutor and, sometimes, one other classmate. 

These tutorials are an integral part of the Oxford and Cambridge learning experience, used as a way of evaluating and gaining new perspectives on your work and subject knowledge. They’ll give you fascinating insights into what studying Medicine at one of these two prestigious universities could be like as an undergraduate, and whether you think you may want to pursue the subject at higher education and embark on a 5-year Medical school course. 

Usually, medical summer schools often take place away from home and are residential, giving you the opportunity to experience life independently. You’ll be given the chance to explore your new student city, engage in popular student activities, and experience self-guided study, which is probably slightly different to the learning you’re used to at school. 

In this respect, a summer camp for high school students interested in Medicine can be hugely rewarding. Not only will you be able to expand your knowledge and delve into a subject you’re passionate about, but you’ll also experience first-hand, what life as an undergraduate could be like - which can be invaluable for your future decision-making. 

Take a look at our 2-week Medicine summer courses for ages 16-17, available in Oxford and Cambridge.


For Students Aged 18-24

Advanced Clinical Theory

For older students, our medicine summer courses offer an advanced understanding of knowledge, which will challenge, stimulate, and give you a unique insight into the learning practice of a medical student at the University of Oxford or Cambridge. 

The content of the course will have you examining and evaluating a number of case studies to better explore specialisms such as cardiology, gastroenterology and neurology, and better understand how to confirm diagnosis. These courses are also open to students with limited Medical knowledge, where your tutor will cover fundamental Medical anatomy and practises for students who are unfamiliar with the subject. 

Medical summer courses cover all aspects of the Medical field, including diagnosing and treating patients, to the wider context of understanding how public health services function and have sustained throughout the years. For example, part of your course will also involve debating contemporary public health issues to extend your knowledge of Medicine in the community. 

Your learning will be a combination of taught seminar sessions, professional development workshops, tutorials, and lectures from eminent keynote speakers. All of which will ensure you acquire the knowledge and skills to succeed academically as you advance in your Medical training.

Discover Your Training & Career Options

Aspiring Medicine students will learn everything there is to know about training as a doctor and whether a career in Medicine is the suitable path for them.

Immersing yourself in a 2-week Medicine summer course will really help you experience life as a student, so you can better decide if you want to embark on the long training programme ahead at university. 

All academic sessions will be taught by your expert tutor, who is highly experienced and admired for their professional knowledge and expertise in the Medical field. They’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about the UK training programme, as well as offer insight into the various career paths available to you once you have completed your initial degree.

Furthermore, when it comes to submitting an application to Medical school, the skills, knowledge, and confidence you will gain from a Medicine summer school will be invaluable. To prospective admissions officers, you will be demonstrating your passion, commitment and advanced understanding of the subject, while a letter of recommendation from an Oxford Summer Courses’ tutor will help to make your application shine amongst other applicants. 


Why Study at a Medicine Summer School in the UK?

Recognised as one of the most desirable places to study in the world, the UK is renowned for its fantastic educational system, having produced some of the greatest and most advanced minds. As such, it’s hardly surprising that so many students look to spend their summers here each year for the chance to join a Medicine summer school. 

As we’ve covered in this article, and, most importantly, a Medical summer school will introduce you to the fundamentals of Medicine, covering the basics of anatomy, physiology, and disease, as well as some of the most common diagnostic and treatment procedures. Students will also look at the Medical field in a wider context, giving you greater understanding of the critical role it plays for public health across different countries in the world.

But, yet a medicine summer school will take you so much further. Giving you the opportunity to connect and meet other passionate students, as well as experienced tutors, you’ll experience life as a student at Medical School in the UK and discover if Medicine is a subject you really want to pursue in the future as a career.

In this respect, a Medicine summer school for any student aged 13 and over can be hugely rewarding, guiding those all-important career decisions and advancing your knowledge ahead of training. 

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