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Psychology in Cambridge

Join the Psychology Cambridge Summer School at Oxford Summer Courses

At Oxford Summer Courses, we invite curious minds to embark on a journey of psychology exploration through our Psychology Cambridge summer school. Tailored for ages 13-24, our unique learning experiences nurture independent thought within an inclusive community, hosted at prestigious Cambridge University colleges, including Fitzwilliam College, Sidney Sussex College, and Corpus Christi College. Each course runs for two weeks, offering comprehensive learning opportunities. Prices start from £6,395. Apply now to study Psychology and embark on a transformative summer school journey with Oxford Summer Courses.

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13-15 YEARS | Cambridge
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Ashna, India

"Choosing to attend Oxford Summer Courses summer school here has definitely been the best decision I have ever made. The staff, tutors, course directors, and all the friends you make are individuals who you will always remember, holding a very special place in my heart."

Camila, Spain

"My teacher at Oxford Summer Courses was very interesting. He explained perfectly what Psychology is, giving us a broad understanding of all the aspects of it. The summer school experience was both informative and engaging, and it deepened my passion for the subject."

Camille, France

"During the two weeks at Oxford Summer Courses, we covered various aspects of psychology and learned a lot by discussing our ideas, debating, and reading. I also improved my writing skills by working on an essay and a poster under the supervision of a careful and attentive tutor."

Gabrielle, USA

"Psychology at Oxford Summer Courses helped me to get a better understanding of the world around me by helping me learn how different people are, and how different minds work in the summer school."

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