Genius, madness and 100 billion nerve cells in between

Are any of us really ‘normal’? Understand what it means to be ‘neurotypical’ and feed your curiosity of the mind on our fascinating Psychology course. We’ll explore a wide range of topics from the basic functioning of our brains to disordered thought processes and conflicting behaviours.

Fast-track your career in psychology and extend your knowledge on all the key areas employers are looking for, learn more about your own mind and identity and collaborate with new international friends as you discuss psychology topics from the past to the present day.  

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Are certain psychological conditions with us from birth? Is it a genetic predisposition or do environmental factors determine whether a person has a linear or turbulent mindset?

Answer the deepest questions with confidence by absorbing the knowledge of the finest academic minds on our insightful Psychology course.

From the changing face of mental health and how it’s perceived by society to the endless list of emotions we all experience as human beings, it’s a fascinating observation melding real life with scientific analysis.

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