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Philosophy in Oxford

Some say don’t overthink it. We beg to differ…

The city of Oxford is no stranger to philosophy. The city’s world-renowned university has been teaching the subject since medieval times. Some of the world’s great philosophers have also studied or taught here, from the Catholic dissident John Wycliffe through to the ‘Father of Liberalism’ John Locke. Not only is the university’s philosophy faculty regularly ranked top in the UK – its impressive list of lecturers has included Amartya Sen and Noam Chomsky to name but a few.

It’s no wonder then, that aspiring thinkers and philosophers are drawn to studying a summer course here in Oxford. If you fancy grappling with big topics such as the ethics of war or the relationship between the existence of God versus the existence of evil, then you’ve certainly come to the right place.

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Narkiz, Turkey

"My course, philosophy, even though very dense and challenging, has opened my mind to so many  new perspectives of certain ideas that I hadn't even considered."

Alisha, India

"I enjoyed our conversations about religion and ethics in philosophy class because I was able to form a more complex opinion on those topics with the help of our in-depth discussions."

Chamanda, United Kingdom

"My tutor was really insightful and helped us ease into the subject. We had many debates on our views on certain philosophical debates such as ‘Do we really have Knowledge?’ The best part was that we were in a small class, about 3 of use, so everyone was included in the discussions and nobody was left out."

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