Calling all argumentative philosophers!

Debate the relationships between everyone and everything from God & evil to political superpowers. Right and wrong, black and white, night and day. Philosophy is none of these things. It sits in the grey area, challenging you to think deeper, ask bigger questions and never settle on being anything less than insatiably curious.

Study Philosophy with Oxford Summer Courses and we’ll set you on a path of discovery and exploration, learning how arguments are strung together and taken apart and existential questioning that will influence the way you see yourself, others and life in general.

Establishing a strong set of debating skills is essential in a number of industries and roles, from Arts to Analysis. Where will our Philosophy course take you?

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Follow in the footsteps of great thinkers and British prime ministers, study Philosophy at Oxford and spark your inner genius

For over 800 years, the cobbled streets of Oxford and Cambridge have been home to some of the most iconic philosophers. Absorb the history that surrounds you while you explore the questions that have intrigued people for centuries.

In small seminar groups, your expert tutor will encourage you to develop critical thinking skills, such as the ability to analyse arguments, identify key principles, solve problems and come to sound decisions.

The word ‘philosophy’ itself translates from Ancient Greek to ‘love of wisdom’ and you’ll understand why as you begin to immerse yourself in a world of wonder, investigating areas such as existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind and language. Enrich your perception and experience of the world and your place in it as you learn the notions of epistemology, metaphysics, ethics and esthetics. Wake up your mind.

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Our established tutors are experts in their fields of study. Gain the skills and experience you need to excel with a unique, unparalleled learning experience.


Each week, you’ll be able to collaborate with leading academics mirroring the teaching method of the iconic, world-renowned and most respected educational establishments in the UK.

As current and past alumni of top universities, they’re highly specialised, recognised and knowledgeable in their chosen fields and can transfer their academic wisdom to you through interactive learning, independent study, seminars, and tutorials, depending on your age group.

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