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Mathematics in Oxford

Curiosity makes for a winning formula

Famous physicists Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking had two things in common. Not only was the discipline of mathematics central to their great works, but they both studied at Oxford University. This is just one of the reasons that Oxford is the inspired choice for the mathematicians of tomorrow.

There is another thing that mathematicians have in common and that’s curiosity. After all, maths requires you to ask questions and come up with answers. As a discipline, maths is behind some of the most important aspects of our everyday lives – from the way the economy works through to scientific innovations. Whatever your interests in the subject, it could be time to discover your niche by joining us on this Oxford summer course in mathematics.

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13-15 YEARS | Oxford
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Dylan, Australia

"The tutors don’t simply teach us to jump through hoops; they adapt the tutorials to really make the most of our knowledge and potential."

Uzair, Pakistan

"I am so happy that I picked this course over any others and I truly feel that this was a once in a lifetime experience."

Austin, USA

"Instead of just another high school lecture style class, my tutor made the class engaging and interesting so that at the end of a 3-hour class all I wanted to do was learn more."

Su Hyeong, South Korea

"My tutor gave me a list of topics we could cover during the course, ranging from the beginning undergraduate level to Master's degree level; I ended up choosing to do Graph Theory, as I thought this would be the most accessible and would sufficiently stretch my horizons."

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