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What’s the point? Explore how the law aims to solve problems on both a national and international level, and learn how to make your case like a lawyer.
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We’ll take the case for teaching you everything there is to know about a morally just law system. Study Law with us and you’ll learn about everything from the anatomy of a murder to the crucial role of the jury, how they’re selected and how they come to form an unbiased decision. We might also look at human rights, public morality and explore international law too. From conflicts and controversies to the law through the ages, if there’s a set of rules to be adhered to, it’s all in here.

Teaching methodology

Learn the Oxford way with tutorial-style teaching. Your expert tutor will foster self-directed learning and critical thinking through interactive seminars in small groups (no bigger than 8). During your course, you will complete two pieces of independent work (essays or problem sheets), which your tutor will then evaluate in either a 1:1 or 2:1 tutorial. Tutorials will provide you with the opportunity to discuss your work and feedback with your tutor and learn new perspectives from your classmates. On completion of the course, you'll receive a certificate and letter of recommendation from your tutor.

The experience

It’s all about balance. Study with us at Cambridge and we’ll help you embrace everything the city has to offer – from socialising with new friends with shared interests to field trips and excursions for practical lessons you just can’t learn from a textbook. We understand students. We make sure you’re stimulated with a social calendar that packs it all in, from traditional guided tours of the University museums to a tranquil afternoon punting on the River Cam.

And of course, you’ll experience the true Cambridge way of life from weekly formal dinners to competitive debating and croquet. Remember to save some energy for dancing the night away at a disco!

Typical outings

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Westminster, London

The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Cathedral, St James’s Park and Buckingham Palace – just a few of the world-famous landmarks in this part of London. Enjoy being at the heart of our vibrant capital.

British Museum

Discover amazing treasures and experience the history of people from around the world. Then explore the heart of London from Covent Garden and Trafalgar Square to the National Gallery and St James' Park.


Enjoy the fun of the classic Chaucer's Canterbury Tales as we take you back in history to discover English life in the 14th Century. Explore the famous Cathedral and even have a go at dressing in clothes of the time.


Explore the history of space, time and navigation at the Royal Observatory, step aboard the historic Cutty Sark, and uncover gripping stories about how today’s world was shaped at the National Maritime Museum.

Warwick Castle

Let your imagination roar with history, magic, myth and adventure in the age of gallant dragon-slaying knights. And discover dark dungeons and watch birds of prey soar at one of England’s finest mediaeval castles.

Tower of London

The Crown Jewels, Beefeaters, and over 1,000 years of history – explore this iconic ancient fortress and castle, walk along the mighty river Thames and discover vibrant Brick Lane.


It’s action stations as you step aboard world-famous warships, including Nelson’s HMS Victory, brave the glass floor of the Spinnaker Tower, and explore one of England’s most important naval cities.


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Amira, UAE

"The course that I took was law and it allowed me to gain perspective on the career path that I want to take and cleared up several questions that I had."

Nairo, Japan

"I really enjoyed it because my tutor had a lot of experience in the field and all the seminars were very intriguing."

Stay in Cambridge

Home to Cambridge University since 1209, this city is famous for its cyclists, its museums, and of course, the 107 Nobel Laureates. But have you heard of the Mathematical Bridge (c.1749)- the first bridge built using mathematical principles? Or did you know that the first official game of football with rules similar to those we use now was played in 1848 in the middle of the city? Cambridge has so much to offer, from a vibrant history to cobbled streets and cozy cafes. It’s the perfect place to study, and spend a summer exploring.

You will be staying in single or twin room college accommodation, occupied by students during term time, located within a mile of the centre. Your accommodation will be ideally located to explore all the best areas of the city, from its oldest colleges to its lovely cafes. Ensuite rooms may be available at some locations.

You will get a chance to eat in a variety of restaurants in Cambridge, tasting food from all over the world. On top of that, you’ll be treated to a delicious formal dinner in your college - a three-course meal where everyone gets a chance to dress up!


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Georgios Nikolous

DPhil Constitutional Theory, University of Oxford - Georgios's research focuses on constitutional emergencies (economic crises and national security emergencies). In the past he has clerked for two Associate Justices at the Greek Council of State and worked for a legal firm in Athens, specialising in criminal law. His broader academic interests include constitutional law and theory, human rights, legal, political and moral philosophy and the history of political ad constitutional instutions.

Michael Judkins

Michael is a solicitor with many years of experience of working in different areas of the law, mainly litigation, including representation of clients in Court throughout. He was a Partner/director in a mixed High Street legal practice in Ely for over 20 years. Michael started teaching at Oxford Summer Courses in 2017. He has much practical experience to draw upon in the delivery of coursework in the selected subjects of criminal sentencing employment and discrimination law.

Rebecca Brimble

BA Jurisprudence, University of Oxford - Rebecca is working towards becoming a public law barrister. She's completed numerous min-pupillages and Law internships, as well as working as a Casework Volunteer for Advocate and Volunteer at the Citizen's Advice Bureau.

Shahab Saqib

PhD Law, Kings College London - Shahab specialises in International Human rights Law, Anti-discrimination Law, Islamic Law and law of Contract. His PhD research is based on critical and comparative research of discrimination in International and Islamic law. His aim is to create a critical cum comparative perspective of law which can reformulate current legal discourses.

Dr Teresa Silva

PhD in Constitutional Law, University of Buenos Aires - Teresa specialises in Public Law (Constitutional Law, Administrative Law and Human Rights) and EU Law. Before her academic career, she was a practising lawyer at major firms. She also worked at the House of Representatives and the Ministry of Finance in Argentina, giving legal advice and drafting reports on legal and policy issues. Currently, an independent legal researcher, Teresa advises law firms, academics and public bodies in comparative law.

Chloe Hayden

PhD Candidate, University of Hertfordshire - Chloe's interests are in Public Law, Human Rights and AI Ethics (Technology and Law). She wants to build on her current research on AI and Law, and encourage and campaign for legislative changes. Alongside her research, Chloe teaches weekly seminars for undergraduates with use of active learning techniques, striving for students to achieve their best, and keeping track of student performance. She also regularly marks student papers, giving constructive feedback to ensure students can continue to improve their skills throughout their learning journey.

Dates & Prices

2 Jul - 15 Jul 2023

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9 Jul - 22 Jul 2023

Standard (shared bathroom)



16 Jul - 29 Jul 2023

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23 Jul - 5 Aug 2023

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30 Jul - 12 Aug 2023

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