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International Relations and Politics in Oxford

Oxford: where future world leaders are made

Oxford is as close to the core of global politics as it comes. The city is famed for the quality of its academic output and from Bill Clinton to Indira Gandhi, many international leaders have made a home of Oxford at some point. The University’s Department of Politics and International Development is also world-renowned. Its past alumni include many British politicians like Thatcher and Blair, on top of the influential free-market economist, Adam Smith.

So there couldn’t be a more suitable city to engage with the big topics of international politics. Today’s pressing issues include trade wars, national identities, international conflict, and the ensuing refugee crisis. But whatever your specific areas of interest, this Oxford summer course in international relations and politics is designed to suit you.

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International Relations and Politics
13-15 YEARS | Oxford
International Relations and Politics
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Anika, Australia

"My time at Oxford Summer Courses has been nothing short of extraordinary. I have honestly had one of the best experiences of my life here."

Camila, Peru

"I just want to say, thank you Oxford Summer courses family. For helping me and being able to give us a wonderful experience, one I am sure I will not be able to forget. I appreciate the effort you made for us and for everything I learned."

Gabrielle, Singapore

"The last 14 days have allowed me the opportunity to study International Relations and Politics in a new environment, with tutors who were able to cover a broad scope of the subject with us."

Maayan, USA

"Choosing to come to Oxford Summer Courses has been an amazing experience. The course is about making friends, developing as a person, and learning as much as you can in 2-4 weeks at one of the best environments you can be in. Everyone is accepting and has such a great mindset. The course is filled with fun activities and you will never be bored."

Pablo, Spain

"My experience at Oxford summer courses was unforgettable, especially the international relations and politics which is the course that I chose. During these 2 weeks I passed a great moment chatting and of course learning with other people some really interesting subjects."

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