Time to take the future of your planet personally?

Oxford is no latecomer to environmental studies. In fact, the city has long been the proud home of key environmental institutions. The university’s Environmental Change Institute has been pioneering research and driving environmental strategies since the early nineties, for example.

This environmental science summer course in Oxford will force you to grapple with some of the biggest challenges our planet has ever faced. Whether you’re interested in pollution or resource management, you’ll be studying alongside some of the most forward-thinking environmental minds here in Oxford. So, is it time to step up and do your bit towards the future of your planet?

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photo (c) John Cairns

Why not mix it up a little?

Are you torn between two subjects, or undecided on which city to study in? The good news is that you can often combine two subjects, or even split your studies between different UK locations.

Join us this summer! Study Environmental Science in any of the following cities:

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