Help society use resources more efficiently by studying Economics with Oxford Summer Courses

In every stage of our lives, we’re developing and learning more about ourselves and the world around us. The more knowledge we have, the greater our opportunities. Study Economics with Oxford Summer Courses and take advantage of those opportunities.

Through our Economics summer course, you’ll discover how societies, governments, businesses and households divide up their resources, how markets work and the probability of business success and failure within a domestic economy.

We focus everything contextually and relate everything back to real life so you can understand cause and effect fully. You’ll study key areas such as supply and demand, market structures and discover how government intervention can help or hinder these situations.

From investment banking to trading, education, consultancy and research, the career avenues after an Economics course are diverse. So the breadth of your studies translates to a wide career path.

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What are the causes and impacts of a financial crisis and how does society respond?

Explore the questions on every leading economists’ mind and learn how to think critically and objectively about key issues in today’s fast-moving markets. There’s never been a more exciting time learn about the vastness of different economies, their complexities and where you can make your impact in the future.

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