Classical Civilisation Summer School

From the poetry of Virgil to the Peloponnesian War, explore the conflicts and passions of ancient Greece and Rome

How did the Greeks and Romans live? What were they fighting over? What does their art symbolise? Discover the answers on our fascinating Classical Civilisation study course.

Become au fait with Latin culture and look at the problems of running an empire, or appreciate and evaluate Homer’s poetry.

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Who was Socrates? And how has he shaped Western philosophy?

Learn everything there is to know about ancient leaders, artists or philosophers and why their ideas are still so prevalent in Western culture.

Our highly established tutors will introduce you to classical culture and society plus discuss the major historical events that defined these periods – such as the Peloponnesian War.

From textual analysis to learning about cultural norms, we revisit the thrilling stories of the past, understanding their important lessons and the impact they’ve had on our modern lives.

photo (c) John Cairns

Our established tutors are experts in their fields of study. Gain the skills and experience you need to excel with a unique, unparalleled learning experience.

As current and past alumni of top universities, they’re highly specialised, recognised and knowledgeable in their chosen fields and can transfer their academic wisdom to you through interactive learning, independent study, seminars, and tutorials, depending on your age group.


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