Architecture Summer School

photo (c) John Cairns

Seek inspiration from Oxford’s stunning colleges as you build your architectural finesse

From the Radcliffe Camera to the iconic Bridge of Sighs, Oxford is home to some of the world’s most striking classic architecture. The towering churches and colleges date back to the 15th century and with a wealth of modern projects and redevelopments evolving the aesthetics daily, budding architects will find influence around every corner.

Throughout our architecture summer school, you’ll learn both the practical skills to design and develop buildings and also the art and science behind the structures. We’ll explore and experiment with contemporary architecture and learn about the history and theory too.

Apply your new knowledge and research to Oxford’s rich architectural history, whilst observing and analysing more modern buildings from some of the UK’s finest architects.

photo (c) John Cairns

Architecture Summer School

From functional spaces to iconic structures, learn how to develop and design buildings that people want to live and work in

Every building has a purpose. Whether we’re housing people, creating workspaces or developing structures for leisure and entertainment, every angle and brick has to be thoroughly considered for the greatest efficiency and impact once your plans start taking shape on site.

Study Architecture with us and you’ll learn the methods and practices of world-class architects in an engaging, dynamic setting. Study solo and get involved in collaborative sessions too. We deliver a unique, immersive learning experience mixing individual and group learning.

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photo (c) John Cairns

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As current and past alumni of top universities, they’re highly specialised, recognised and knowledgeable in their chosen fields and can transfer their academic wisdom to you through interactive learning, independent study, seminars, and tutorials, depending on your age group.


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