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Summer Courses for 16-17 Year-Olds

Academic Summer Courses for 16-17 year olds

Inspiration awaits

We can't wait to share the magic of our places with you.

You’re not just visiting a renowned university campus, you’re in a place that offers a unique way of learning, like-minded people, and an authentic taste of student life. And, whether you’re studying in Oxford, Cambridge or London, we’ll help you feel at home.

Introduction to our summer courses for 16-17s


Authentic university-style learning

Think critically and study independently this summer as you’re challenged and inspired by expert tutors from the world's leading universities. And learn from industry experts with decades of professional experience.

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Choose from 40+ subjects

Study with us this summer for an exceptional educational experience designed to enhance your future academic career. Every course will immerse you in a subject you haven't had the chance to experience in school yet. So expect to be challenged as you build your knowledge and skills.

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World-class tutors

We loved the personalised instruction we received at Oxford, and we absolutely believe how we were taught is the very best way to develop academically. That’s why your course is designed to be the same – small group seminar teaching and one-to-one tutorials led by expert tutors from world-leading universities.

How we teach

Make friends from around the world

Meet students as excited as you about being challenged academically this summer and make friends from across the globe. Debate and discuss your chosen subject with like-minded people, enjoy an authentic university experience and build a network of friends for life.

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Live on world-leading university campuses

You’ll stay where university students live during term time. And enjoy the full student experience, from lunches out with friends to local bars and restaurants in the evenings and a three-course college banquet to end each week – the perfect way to round off your authentic taste of English university life.

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Access to Oxford Summer Courses Foundations

Before you join us, we want to make sure you have all the information you need to make the most out of your course. That’s why we have created Oxford Summer Courses Foundations - a self-paced online learning platform to develop your ability to learn with us and throughout your education. The platform is included as part of your course fees and available to access whenever you need it.

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1 / 5

Alisha, India

"I enjoyed our conversations about religion and ethics in philosophy class because I was able to form a more complex opinion on those topics with the help of our in-depth discussions."

Amira, UAE

"The course that I took was law and it allowed me to gain perspective on the career path that I want to take and cleared up several questions that I had."

Anas, Australia

"The favourite thing about my subject was that for the first time I felt like I was challenged, coming from a person who has taken Computer Science for 3 years in school (at GCSE and A Levels), which was kind of exciting and intimidating at the same time."

Anna, Denmark

"The seminars with my tutor were challenging and opened my eyes to new aspects of politics. Studying political theories with classmates from different countries with different systems exposed me to new angles, which has deepened my understanding of the subject."

Emma, Sweden

"You get the chance to ask questions to someone that can tell you what it’s like to work in that field and who can answer more difficult questions, you get a more inspiring insight in the subject than you get in your normal school."

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