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Science Explorers

Einstein, Darwin, Newton and you - Inspiring the next generation of brilliant scientists

All the iconic scientists had to start somewhere. Learn the fundamental rules of Science with Oxford Summer Courses before taking your own approach to establish a future breakthrough.

Our exciting Science summer course covers Biology, Chemistry or Physics, introducing you to a variety of topics from the human anatomy to anatomic structures. Observe and experiment with access to state-of-the-art facilities and support from expert scientific minds.

Enjoy an interactive, immersive learning experience with a tutor who’ll help to shape your knowledge and encourage you to reach your potential academically and individually.

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Science Explorers
9-10 YEARS | Oxford Juniors
Science Explorers
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#Summer #Interactive Learning (9-10)

Science Explorers Summer School

The Science course where nothing is textbook!

At Oxford Summer Courses, we don’t just preach scientific facts; we ensure everyone is on the same page, understanding practically with experiments for the greatest take-up of information and knowledge.

There are a few reasons for this – 1) it’s just more fun that way and 2) it’s been proven that more impulsive teaching styles stick in your mind for longer than traditional methods.

It works for us and it’s worked for so many of our past students, who’ve gone on to enjoy fulfilling, successful careers in Science thanks to our springboard course.  

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