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Recorded Webinars from Oxford Summer Courses

Get an Inside Look at Our Courses and More With Our Informative Webinar Series

Explore Oxford Summer Courses and gain valuable insights into our authentic learning experience by watching our previously recorded webinars. Our webinars cover a range of different topics, including our exciting summer school courses such as "Introduction to Our Cambridge Summer Courses" and "Introduction to Business and Entrepreneurship," as well as other informative sessions like "Benefits of a Summer Course" and "UK University Admissions Process." These webinars are a great way to learn more about Oxford Summer Courses and the opportunities we offer to students.

Information Session for 18-24s

(Original airing: 11 May, 2023) Join Dr. David Bowe as he delves into what our 18-24s can expect on our summer courses.

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Experience University College London (UCL) This Summer

(Original airing: 19 April, 2023) Hear from our Oxford Summer Courses team about what our 16-17s can expect when studying with us in the heart of London this summer.

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Benefits of a Summer Course

(Original airing: 26 January, 2022) Hear from our Student Services and Marketing Team about the potential benefits associated with attending one of our summer courses.

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Introduction to Our Cambridge Summer Courses

(Original airing: 23 February, 2022) Our Academic team hosts an introductory webinar to our Cambridge courses, sharing which subjects are available, where students will stay, as well as an example timetable of a typical day on a summer course in Cambridge.

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UK University Admissions Process

(Original airing: 17 February, 2021) The Oxford Summer Courses team seek to demystify the UK university admissions process, from the UCAS system to the do's and don't's of effective personal statement writing.

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Introduction to Business and Entrepreneurship

(Original airing: 29 March, 2021) This webinar is specifically about our Business and Entrepreneurship courses, and the impact they have had on our Oxford Summer Courses alumni. We were joined by one of our expert business tutors, and heard from a group of former students who have gone on to become founders of their own business.

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Introduction to Oxford Summer Courses Foundations

(Original airing: 17 November, 2021) An introduction for parents and students to our pre-summer course online training programme: Oxford Summer Courses Foundations.

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