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Join the Law Explorers Summer School at Oxford Summer Courses

At Oxford Summer Courses, our law summer school for young students is the perfect opportunity to learn about the difference between a solicitor and a barrister, as well as fundamental legal concepts and values. The Law Explorers summer course is designed for students aged 9-12 years-old who are interested in exploring their future career path in law.

During the course, you'll learn basic legal terminology and concepts, and develop your debating skills. Using your knowledge, public speaking and problem-solving abilities, you'll tackle real-world cases in the classroom. It's an interactive and enjoyable way to learn and explore your passion for law.

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Law Explorers
9-10 YEARS | Juniors
Law Explorers
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#Summer #Interactive Learning (9-10)

Study Law Explorers with Oxford Summer Courses and Immerse Yourself in the Summer of a Lifetime

Explore the most significant legal themes and theories that will shape your knowledge and moral compass on our law summer school. Oxford Summer Courses offer a law summer school designed to teach you the most crucial themes and theories that will help you thrive in your chosen legal field. With a condensed approach, we have meticulously designed our law course to make the entirety of world law accessible and enjoyable to study.

During your time on our law summer school, we’ll explore questions such as – to what extent should an individual judge’s view of morality allow them to depart from legal precedent? How do different legal theories influence a judge's decision-making? And how are boundaries drawn and adhered to?

You'll have the opportunity to absorb the expertise of the finest academic minds in Oxford and Cambridge on our law school summer programmes. Your tutors will work regularly in the law environment and be involved in investigating and even creating the newest legal developments, as well as being highly experienced in teaching law courses. They’ll dedicate their time to your focus and achievement, both in small group seminars and individually, for the greatest results in the classroom and beyond.

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