The city with no space for the status quo…

If you’re about to tell us that the status quo is not for you, then this Cambridge summer course in innovation could be what you’re after. There certainly isn’t a better place to study the subject, as Cambridge is no stranger to innovation…

For starters, one of the world’s most famous inventors, Sir Isaac Newton, made the city his home. And from IVF through to the thermos flask and the cat flap, the city is a real hotbed for discovery. Today, the innovation of the city’s biotechnology sector has earned itself the name the ‘Cambridge Cluster’, while it is even said that football was originally invented here. So, this course could be just the ticket to discovering your own future.

From age 13 to 24, our Cambridge innovation summer courses are designed specifically to fit your level of experience.

photo (c) John Cairns

Why not mix it up a little?

Are you torn between two subjects, or undecided about which city to study in? The good news is that you can often combine two subjects, or even split your studies between our different UK locations.


Join us this summer! Study Innovation and Technology in Cambridge:

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