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Are you looking to gain an academic edge over your peers? Study with Oxford Summer Courses in India and you will receive exposure to world class teaching and educational excellence. Our tutors are all Oxford academics and have spent years honing their teaching skills. We provide tutors of the highest quality so you will be learning from leaders in their field, ensuring you will gain knowledge which will boost your university application prospects and improve your grades.

Course Overview

Residential or non-residential course at Oakridge International School, Bengaluru

Dates: 2-11 June 2019

Why study with us

Our courses provide a perfect introduction to university-level teaching in your chosen subject and a genuine Oxford experience in India. Study with us and you’ll:

Get the opportunity to test future subject choices in a university-style environment

Ignite your subject passion through small group teaching with an Oxford academic

Boost your university application prospects by developing academic rigour

Gain new experiences of English cultural activities (debating, Oxford-themed treasure hunt and sports such as croquet and rounders)

Meet like-minded students with similar interests from across India, and beyond

Achieve a certificate and a letter of recommendation at the traditional graduation ceremony

Join the 95% of students who rated their academic experience as “excellent” at Oxford Summer Courses India

“Oxford Summer Courses has been by far my best academic experience, and the most productive ten days of my life. I learnt in ways I’d never imagined and I was provided with the encouragement I needed to improve my career choices. If you are in doubt whether to go for it or not, I’d suggest you DEFINITELY go for it.”
Zahia Shabir Medicine student, Oakridge International School 2017

Benefits for students

Our courses are designed to give you maximum exposure to Oxford tutors who are at the top of their field to develop your profile and give you an academic edge.

Academic development

Boost your performance through intensive classes with world-class tutors

Gain an academic edge over your peers through exposure to new material and new teaching methods

Profile building

Deeper engagement with your subject and contemporary issues – useful to demonstrate a passion for your subject in future university applications
Learn your craft – whether essays or scientific method, the techniques you learn will be invaluable


You will develop the ability to think and live independently by studying away from home in a university-style environment
You’ll gain new perspectives on the world with students from across India and tutors from Oxford

Teaching Methods

Lessons are divided by subject and taught in small groups with a maximum of 15 students per class.

Our tutors are highly experienced teachers and motivated academics from Oxford University. They will guide you to think more deeply about your subject and gain academic maturity before you apply to university.

You will get the opportunity to experience interactive classes, interdisciplinary seminars, thematic workshops and a group project on a shared local problem.

Our courses are designed and delivered with a focus on developing your academic rigour. This is crucial when you come to apply to university and it shows you have the potential and commitment to be successful there.

“Oxford Summer Courses has changed me. I feel more confident now. The experience was engaging and very personal. I was able to go far beyond the book and curriculum. I was given the opportunity to freely discuss topics at great length, partly due to the small group size. I made lasting friendships and this experience will influence me in subtle ways.”
Ritin Pachnanda Business and Entrepreneurship student, Scottish High International School 2017

Subjects available

Business & Entrepreneurship

The goal of the course is to let you discover best practice in the start up world, so that one day you have the basic tools to pursue your own dreams. The course pulls together key learnings from leading authorities in entrepreneurship, and teaches them in a hands on, interactive fashion. You will develop your own business ideas in teams and learn about the most important aspects of business design. This includes developing a business model, pitching it, determining hypotheses and experiments to validate your key assumptions, developing a minimum viable product and action plan. Some part of this will involve going out and talking to potential customers

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Computer Science

From app development to HTML and CSS, Computer Science touches the very cutting edge of today’s online and offline technology. Our course introduces and explores a range of coding techniques and languages, including Python SQL and web development, giving you the perfect base from which to build your knowledge.

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English Literature & Creative Writing

Oxford has long inspired and excited some of the world’s finest writers. JK Rowling’s Harry Potter was dreamt up in this town of ‘dreaming spires’. Marvel at Hogwart’s dining hall and Alice in Wonderland’s Tea Party. From Oscar Wilde to Philip Pullman, Oxford has a literary pedigree that is hard to match elsewhere. Your tutor will introduce you to some of the techniques that these greats have used, and you will be encouraged to write as much as possible so that you go home with your own short stories. You’ll also study the development of the English literary tradition, sharpen your critical eye, advance your writing skills, and broaden your horizons to discover your own voice as a writer and scholar.

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The question ‘What is the law?’ in relation to a particular problem is far more complicated than it initially appears. The answer will not be revealed simply by turning to the correct page in the statute book. Instead, different cases, legal theories and overarching principles of law must be taken into consideration.

Oxford has produced and continues to produce some of the finest legal minds, from William Blackstone to the heavily influential recent head of the Supreme Court Lord Hoffmann. All of your tutors will work regularly in this environment and will be involved in investigating and even creating the newest legal developments, as well as being highly experienced in teaching law courses.

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Our Leadership course will provide you with the opportunity to discover your own potential by developing interpersonal and leadership skills, increasing self-confidence and acquiring the motivation and ability to bring about change.

You will study topics such as presentation and public speaking skills, teamwork and conflict resolution, different leadership models and styles and the current economic social and political context of leadership.

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Oxford has taught medicine since the 1300s and remains at the cutting edge of the discipline today. The course at Oxford Summer Courses introduces you to the practical study of Medicine through Medical Biology and Anatomy. You will consider ethical questions about the value of a human life and the possibility of human enhancement. You will build a solid understanding of the foundations of medical science, and have the opportunity to engage with the latest developments in medicine.

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Oxford Summer Courses is about an all-round experience and we want our students to leave with new friends, new insights into their subjects, new and fun experiences and skills and hopefully a new way of thinking.


During the course you will be able to participate in a series of debates in the style of the prestigious Oxford Union. We’ll choose a wide breadth of topics and in teams you will prepare timed speeches for either the “proposition” or the “opposition” of the “motion”. Debates are not only fantastic fun, but also a useful exercise which will give you a chance to practice your public speaking, formation of arguments and how you think under pressure.

Oxford the place

You will get to learn a bit more about Oxford during the course, with an Oxford-themed treasure hunt, where in groups you will have to compete to solve a series of logic puzzles and riddles to be the first to win. There is also the opportunity to test your general knowledge in our “pub quiz”, a trivia extravaganza with several themed rounds such as “History”, “Music”, “Oxford” and more, just like we have in British pubs!


To help you relax after classes we play a range of popular Oxford sports including football, touch rugby, cricket, rounders and even a croquet tournament!

Throughout the course you’ll be getting our handy hints and study tips and in the evening a selection of Oxford- themed and best of British cinema for film club! Of course we’ll be on hand throughout for all of your questions and academic support.

“It was an amazing experience! I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I met new people and made friends for life. The teachers were polite, funny, and made the entire course very interesting. There were pub-quizzes, workshops, games and presentations. The course made Shakespeare a lot more coherent and gave me ideas about stories. There was a perfect mixture of professionalism and fun.”
Srushti Khemkar English Literature & Creative Writing student, Prudence International School 2017

Staff Profiles

Joe Gebbia

Harry Hoare
Course Director

Harry studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics as an undergraduate at Oriel College, Oxford before taking an M.Phil in Political Theory. During his time at Oxford he taught Politics to visiting students, gained academic prizes for essays on Rousseau and Plato and played football for Oxford University. Alongside developing Oxford Summer Courses, Harry worked for the non-profit organisation Social Finance (2011-2015) where he helped structure social investment deals worth over £10mil. He is a keen footballer, amateur politician and endurance sports enthusiast.

Joe Gebbia

Elle Gauld
Assistant Course Director

Elle graduated from Brasenose College, Oxford with a degree in Classics in 2015, with a special focus on ancient art and architecture, between the Hellenistic and Roman imperial periods, and the Latin language. Throughout her time at Oxford she spent significant time attending debates and talks at the Oxford Union, the University’s old and universally prestigious debate society, enjoying the skill and art involved and studying it for my future profession. She is currently working for the banking and finance branch of an offshore law firm, and will continue her law studies in London next year.

Joe Gebbia

Luka Katic
Business & Entrepreneurship tutor

Luka is an experienced tutor across multiple disciplines and believes that economic problems often require an interdisciplinary approach to be properly understood – and solved. Luka holds degrees in Economics and Cognitive Science and currently conducts research in Experimental Psychology. Luka has taught undergraduate students at Hertford College Oxford and school-level pupils at Cherwell College in Oxford. Luka is currently a visiting researcher in Neuroscience at the Oxford University Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics where is conducting research in order to gain a DPhil in Experimental Psychology. Luka is a very international student and tutor and holds a Master of Cognitive Science, University of Vienna, Austria and a Master of Science in Economics, University of Novi Sad, Serbia. Luka has won the De Breyne scholarship, Keble College, Oxford University and the Faith Ivens-Franklin Award. At the University of Vienna he won a Scholarship as one of the best performing students.

Joe Gebbia

Henry Little
English Literature & Creative Writing tutor

Henry is a prize-winning author and highly experienced teacher and tutor of English language and creative writing. Born in Oxford and educated at one of the country’s leading schools, Magdalen College school, he then moved Bristol to complete a Joint Honours degree in English and Philosophy. He then received a poetry scholarship from the Arvon foundation (studying under Hugo Williams and Julia Copus) before returning to Oxford in 2011 to gain a spot on what was then the University’s most competitive Master’s course, the recently-founded Creative Writing MSt. Henry has written and published across a range of genres, from food and wine (as a restaurant critic in London), to poetry, drama and prose. His theatrical Adaptation of Kafka’s A Country Doctor was staged at Oxford’s Burton Taylor Theatre in 2012. He now resides in Oxford where he balances tutoring with a move to becoming a full-time writer with the completion of his first major work.

Joe Gebbia

Dr Gauri Ang
Medicine tutor

Gauri completed a BSc in Biomedical Sciences in University College London, where she learnt about the workings of the human body. During her second year at university, she participated in a summer internship at the University of Cambridge, where she investigated the roles of certain genes in learning and memory. She then completed her DPhil in Neuroscience at the University of Oxford, investigating the role of schizophrenia-relevant genes in the generation of body clocks, sleep, and cognition. Her teaching experiences include teaching English in India as well as current affairs to students in Singapore.

Joe Gebbia

Dr Guillermo Tirelli
Computer Science tutor

Guillermo works on educational and digital projects combining philosophy, languages, human sciences, design and technologies. He studied philosophy and received his teaching qualification in Cordoba, Argentina. He moved to Paris to continue his education obtaining his Master degree and a PHD in philosophy at the Sorbonne University in Paris under the direction of Jean-Luc Marion (Académie Française). After his PHD he specialised in Media Arts. In parallel to his studies and teaching he has been working as a computer programmer for more than 20 years. He writes articles in his research about the relation between human sciences and digital technologies and works in teaching, in writing, in web projects and in ebook editions. He speaks five languages.


Prices and Dates

Residential or non-residential course at Oakridge International School, Bengaluru


2-11 June 2019


Grades 9-12 (ages 14-17 inclusive)

Subjects available:

Business & Entrepreneurship, Computer Science, English Literature & Creative Writing, Law, Leadership and Medicine


Price in GBP: Residential £1,554, Non-Residential £1,085
Price in INR (equivalent on 18.10.2018): Residential Rs. 149,500, Non-Residential Rs. 104,384

Oakridge International School Bangalore, is a massive breathtaking campus spread across an area of 11 acres equipped with modern infrastructure and state-of-art amenities.

What’s included:

  • • All teaching and activities
  • • Lunch and 2 snacks
  • • Graduation ceremony
  • • Certificate and letter of recommendation
  • • Sightseeing excursion to Bengaluru

Residential students also benefit from:

  • • Accommodation at local hotel Holiday Inn Whitefield, Bangalore
  • • Evening meals and activities including film nights
  • • Dedicated student welfare team to look after students overnight


We are pleased to offer four scholarships available to our students based on academic excellence. These will be awarded to:

  • The highest scoring student sitting the 2019 International Baccalaureate
  • The highest scoring student sitting the 2019 International General Certificate of Secondary Education
  • The highest scoring student sitting the 2019 Cambridge Assessment International Education
  • The highest scoring student sitting the 2019 Central Board of Secondary Education

Eligibility is automatic on full payment of the course and with proof of results. The scholarships are worth 50% of the course costs, irrespective of attendance as a residential or non residential student. The successful applicants will be announced at the graduation ceremony at the end of the course and they will each receive a 50% refund.

If you would like to know more about this, please contact our admissions team by e-mail or live chat.

Please note that these scholarships are not available to Oakridge students who have access to an alternative scholarship programme.

Want to find out more?

Email info.india@oxfordsummercourses.com

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Course Details

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