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English Literature and Creative Writing in Cambridge

Book your place among the literary greats…

Come to Cambridge and you will be stepping into the shoes of some of the world’s most preeminent writers. High calibre authors like E M Forster and Zadie Smith are counted among the university’s alumni. Meanwhile, C S Lewis taught here, and household-name poets like John Milton and Siegfried Sassoon are among the university’s alumni.

The city itself has given rise to some great novels, from Tom Sharpe’s Porterhouse Blue thought to Virginia Woolf’s Jacob’s Room. So on this Cambridge-based summer course, the combination of English literature and creative writing will teach and inspire you in equal measure.

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English Literature and Creative Writing
13-15 YEARS | Cambridge
English Literature and Creative Writing
FROM £5895
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Camille, Denmark

"The staff, who are all current or former students associated with the university, were all amazingly kind and friendly to us, and they seemed to really care about every single one of us, having even memorized our names before we got there, which really helped me, and everyone else, feel very welcome."

Diana, Russia

"Thank you for these unbelievable 4 weeks, thank you for the coolest field trips, thank you for great dinners at amazing restaurants (food is important!), thank you for ice skating in July, wonderful workshops, best tutors and counsellors ever."

Rolan, The Philippines

"So if you're a parent or kid who's worried about being alone in Oxford. Don't worry and as Ed Sheeran sang, "trust me and give it a chance." Because Oxford Summer Courses will surely take care of you well and make those few weeks the best moments of your life."

Valentina, Italy

"I attended the English Literature course and have fully adored every single moment. My teacher has been such an inspiration to me, he has helped me expand my horizons and explore complex ideas and feelings through the use of words."

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