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English Literature and Creative Writing

Join the English Literature and Creative Writing Summer School at Oxford Summer Courses

At Oxford Summer Courses, we nurture inquisitive young minds to explore the captivating realms of English Literature and Creative Writing. Our bespoke learning experiences, tailored for ages 13-15, foster independent thought within a vibrant and inclusive community setting, hosted at the prestigious Oxford and Cambridge University colleges. Apply now to study English Literature and Creative Writing and embark on a transformative summer school journey with Oxford Summer Courses.

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English Literature and Creative Writing
13-15 YEARS | Cambridge
English Literature and Creative Writing
#Summer #Maximum class size of 8

Teaching Methodology (Ages 13-15)

Learning in small groups, typically comprising no more than 8 students (often fewer), ensures that each participant receives ample personalised attention from their tutor. Our interactive teaching approach involves guiding students through new concepts, providing practice tasks to bolster their understanding and skills. Moreover, students engage in group work, independent research, and homework assignments, fostering collaborative learning and critical thinking. In our small classes, every voice is heard, encouraging vibrant debates and enriching peer-to-peer learning experiences.

What's Included (Ages 13-15)

  • All teaching, including small group seminars (8 students or less) and workshops.
  • Accommodation and all meals.
  • All evening meals including those at local restaurants.
  • A Friday evening three-course formal hall.
  • A graduation ceremony.
  • All programmed visits and excursions.
  • Airport transfers.
  • Access to Oxford Summer Courses Foundations.
  • Travel and medical insurance included.
  • Welcome pack: Including an Oxford Summer Courses backpack, notebook, and water bottle.

Reasons to Study English Literature and Creative Writing

Enrolling in the English Literature and Creative Writing Comprehensive teaching sessions with in-class sizes limited to 15 students or fewer. Students can explore the rich traditions of literature while honing their creative writing skills. Through engaging with diverse literary works and experimenting with various writing techniques, participants develop critical thinking, creativity, and effective communication skills. This interdisciplinary journey not only fosters a deeper appreciation for literature but also nurtures the creative talents of young writers, preparing them for future academic and professional pursuits.

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Bree, Canada

"The Creative Writing Course helped me properly analyse famous writers’ works in order to fully understand them while letting me create my own short stories and poems."

Liberty, United Kingdom

"As I was studying English literature this was especially exciting to me, learning about authors that studied here was an experience I have never had before."

Valentina, Italy

"I attended the English Literature course and have fully adored every single moment. My teacher has been such an inspiration to me, he has helped me expand my horizons and explore complex ideas and feelings through the use of words."

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