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Creative Writing in Oxford

Follow in the footsteps of the great writers…

Is it about time you teased out that unwritten novel or collection of poems? Then you’ve come to the right place. Honing your skills by doing a creative writing summer course in Oxford means you’ll be treading a similar path to some of the most successful writers in the world.

The city has given rise to heaps of creative talent. Authors such as J R Tolkien, Lewis Carroll and C S Lewis are imprinted in Oxford’s literary history, while the poetic pedigree of T S Eliot and Oscar Wilde are also among its ranks. So the big question is, could you be the next writer on the list?

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Creative Writing
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Creative Writing
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Bree, Canada

"The Creative Writing Course helped me properly analyse famous writers’ works in order to fully understand them while letting me create my own short stories and poems. "

Irene, Panama

"Oxford Summer Courses has been such a unique and fulfilling experience with the help of the counsellors and mentors."

Anjali, India

"Oxford Summer Courses, as an institution is such a perfect opportunity to experience the Oxford life for aspiring students!"

Jennifer, India

"It has been exhilarating, all in all, to be a part of Oxford Summer Courses and I would definitely recommend it!"

Madelyn, USA

"I chose Oxford Summer Courses because I wanted a way to meet new people from many different countries. It’s also a great way to get a taste of the Oxford student experience through the challenging and engaging academics."

Marina, Finland

"My tutor was very nice and encouraging, she gave me lots of feedback that helped me improve my writing."

Ximena, Mexico

"My tutor was open to suggestions about other material we would like to see and study, like poetry!"

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