Our full Terms and Conditions detailed here apply to all of our courses. 

Please ensure that you also read the course specific terms and conditions document which is relevant to your chosen course, which are listed below.

To access our Policy Pack, Privacy Policy and Student Rules documents, please visit our policies page.


Course specific policy documents:

English as a Foreign Language (EFL) 13-17

English as a Foreign Language (EFL) 18-24

India Non Residential 14-17

India Residential 14-17

Juniors EFL

Juniors Courses

London Non Residential 15-17

London Residential 15-17

Oxbridge 2 weeks ensuite 13-24

Oxbridge 2 weeks standard 13-24

Oxbridge 4 weeks ensuite 13-24

Oxbridge 4 weeks standard 13-24

Singapore Non Residential 16-17

Singapore Residential 16-17

Stanford Residential 14-17






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