Chemistry Summer School in Cambridge

photo (c) John Cairns

Are you a Nobel Prize winner in the waiting?

You’ll get to know more than your alkanes from your alcohol and your spectrometry from your aromatic chemistry on this Cambridge summer course. Because whatever aspect of chemistry you might be drawn to, you’ll be following the path of some of the greatest chemists…

Name a Nobel Prize winner in the field for example, and the chances are they studied in Cambridge – its world-renowned university lays claim to over 20 chemistry-related Nobel Prize winners among its alumni. This is what makes studying chemistry at a summer school in Cambridge so unique: the city is also home to the famous Cavendish Laboratory, which has been changing the world with its contributions – ranging from splitting atoms to unraveling DNA. So perhaps it’s time to come and discover your own substance on this popular chemistry summer course.

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A chemistry summer course in Cambridge is the perfect place to expand your knowledge and hone your skills. Classes are tailored based on age group, so you can be sure you're being taught at your academic level by experts in the field.

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