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Bridgemark Network

What is Bridgemark Network?

Join an alumni community of over 6,000 students.

Bridgemark Network is the official networking platform for Oxford Summer Courses alumni and students.

As part of Bridgemark Network you’ll have access to our global group of educators and students – spanning the four corners of the world. You now have the chance to make the most of our collective international experience to help you make informed decisions about your future study. We’ll use this brand new platform to stay in touch with you, our global alumni.

We are working tirelessly to offer an ever-wider range of innovative educational courses in inspiring locations – we’ll tell you what’s next on the horizon and share our insights and advice to help you with the next stage of your journey through education towards the professional world. In short, Bridgemark Network is an opportunity to connect with professionals in our network, give back to our community, and search for opportunities within our network.

Network Benefits

How can it benefit you?

Reconnect: Find and reminisce with classmates, view your course photos and see what everyone does next.

Get ahead: Advance your career through inside connections working in top companies and access to exclusive opportunities.

Give back: Introduce, employ and be a mentor to your fellow students.

Expand: Make the most of your professional network to get introduced to people you should know.

Connect with your peers and meet other academically-minded students

Endless Opportunities

Learn from a mentor, gain advice and find opportunities for the future

Bridgemark Network enables you to create groups with people you studied with while on our courses, create events to meet up in your hometown or while you are abroad, as well as stay in touch with Oxford Summer Courses staff and news.

Bridgemark Network will also allow you to connect with mentors, or gain advice from our wider professional network. Maybe you need a CV check, advice on selecting a university, or just want some work experience- these are all things which our mentors, alumni and staff can choose to ‘give back’ to our community.

These opportunities are a great way for you to continue your learning journey long after you graduate from one of our courses. Bridgemark Network is also the best way to learn about our new course offerings, locations, and scholarships.

Joining the network will also give you exclusive access to all of the on course photos taken this summer, and allow you to share yours with us as well.

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